Wearingeul Ink Set - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


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Wearingeul's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Ink set features (5) 30ml ink bottles in:

Lewis Carroll 「Alice in Wonderland」
On light sky blue base with yellow shading, shinny golden glitter shows the lively character of Alice.

Cheshire Cat
Lewis Carroll 「Alice in Wonderland」
The red violet color of Cheshire Cat Ink illustrates the madness of the character with impressing shading.

White Rabbit
Lewis Carroll 「Alice in Wonderland」
This ink shows hurrying white rabbit gallopping to wonderland with great shading of orange pink on ivory base color.

Queen of Hearts
Lewis Carroll 「Alice in Wonderland」
Charismatic but bit mad queen ink has red black base color with gorgeous gold glitter and dark brown sheen.

Mad Hatter
Lewis Carroll 「Alice in Wonderland」
The chaotic character of Mad Hatter is illustrated by dark olive green and dizzy yellow shading.

- Type: Gift Set

- (4) 30ml Ink (Alice, Cheshire Cat, White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter)

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