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Color: Resurrection

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'The Color of Literature' is the project expressing the stories and impressions of literature works with colors. Wearingeul inks illustrate the specific scenes or the atmosphere of novels and poems. Also, some Wearingeul ink sets represent the main concept of the original stories, givingunique experience following itinerary of the characters in the stories.

Wearingeul inks are suitable for writing and drawing with fountain pens, dip pens, glass pens and other various ink pens. These inks have great shading, sheening effect, flow and visibility. Both beginners and experts of ink writing/drawing can use Wearingeul inks without difficulties.

Leo Tolstoy 「Resurrection」
This ink represents the cold wind and snow of Siberia with pastel-toned blue mint color and soft shading.


Franz Kafka 「Metamorphosis」
Focusing on the tragedy of becoming a beetle in sudden, this inkshows burgundy red with copper colored sheen. Violet color appears when it is written on Tomoe River paper.


Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte 「Jane Eyre」
It illustrates the last scene of the novel, the reunion. From the pastel violet, gray color becomes divided.


Beneath the Wheel
Herman Hesse 「Beneath the Wheel」
It represents the growing youth and suppressing society of old generation. As the ink dries, the black border line becomes more vivid.


For Whom the Bell Tolls
Ernest Hemingway 「For Whom the Bell Tolls」
This ink represents the blood spattered on the ruins of a war. On the bluish green base-color, dark red sheen appears.


Don Quixote
Miguel de Cervantes 「Don Quixote」
This ink illustrates Don Quixote who wears knight armor on Rosinante. The gray tone shades on reddish brown color of the ink.


Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen 「Pride and Prejudice」
It demonstrates the confrontation between love and wealth with color. Love is represented by vivid pink and wealth is also symbolized with golden sheen.


No Longer Human
Osamu Dazai 「No Longer Human」
This ink shows the physically and mentally ruined life of a man. From the darkened pastel violet, gray color shows up making overall ink desaturated.


A Doll’s House
Henrik Johan Ibsen 「A Doll’s House」
It follows the emotion of Nora with blue black color which is imprisoned with black sheen border.


The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Mark Twain 「The Adventures of Tom Sawyer」
This ink represents the grave with khaki green, and shows the tension of adventure with bluish green border line.


The Great Gatsby
F.Scott Fitzgerald 「The Great Gatsby」
This ink shows the falling morality and humanity behind a fancy party in 1920s US. On the navy violet base, golden sheen appears.


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 「Faust」
It is the color of the seduction by demon Mephistopheles. Shinning green sheen covers the overall violet black ink.


Bram Stoker「Dracula」
Dracula ink is a deep and captivating crimson hue, like a vampire bite that pierces through the night. It has a velvety texture that glistens in the light, and its deep hue is offset by the addition of shimmering blue glitter that hint at a chill beneath the surface. When used for writing or drawing, it evokes a sense of mystery and a slowly freezing heart.


Herman Melville 「Moby-Dick」
Alike sperm whale, Moby-Dick Ink has grayish blue color with dynamic and characteristic shading. It shows faded gray at lightly colored spot and shows more blue tone at densely colored spot.


The Phantom of the Opera
Gaston Leroux 「The Phantom of the Opera」
The Phantom of the Opera ink is an ink that exhibits a striking red border that appears on top of a dark cobalt blue base, resembling a single rose blooming in the cold, dim underground of an opera house. The deep blue base creates a sense of mystery and depth, while the bold red outline provides a striking contrast that catches the eye. The label that is covered by a mask can be attached and detached.


The Secret Garden
Frances Hodgson Burnett 「The Secret Garden」
This ink illustrates beautiful 'secret garden' tended by Mary and Dickon. Upon garden green base color, rosegold and gold glitter shine alike blooming red and yellow flowers in the secret garden.

William Shakespeare 「Romeo and Juliet」
Juliet ink is crystal clear pink with gold glitter just like a golden tiara. It paradoxically illustrates happy fantasy with Romeo and Juliet.

William Shakespeare 「Romeo and Juliet」
Romeo Ink has navy black base color representing countless hardship developed from discord between Montague family and Capulet family. Also, mysterious violet glitter shines on the ink illustrating the tragic love ended with misunderstanding and death.

Robinson Crusoe
Daniel Defoe 「Robinson Crusoes
This ink illustrates emerald blue ocean and green island which Robinson encountered when he had become a castaway. As blue and green isolates, the ink draws vivid borderline just like a solitary island on the ocean.

Anne of Green Gables
Lucy Maud Montgomery「Anne of Green Gables
Anne of Green Gables Ink draws the character of Anne Shirley with vivid red color. Colored with thick stroke, green sheen appears on the bright red base ink expressing imaginative but little bit troublesome character of Anne.

Jean Webster 「Daddy-Long-Legs」
This ink illustrates the color of Judy Abbott who went college and had become a lady with a patronage by an anonymous man, and 'Daddy- Long-Leg' who had kept sponsoring receiving monthly letters from Judy. Golden glitter shines on pastel pink base color representing the two characters in the novel.

The Brothers Karamazov
Fyodor Dostoevsky 「The Brothers Karamazov
This ink depicted the murder case in the karamazov family and the conflicts among the brothers with vivid forest green and a sharp red border on the ink.

The Old Man and the Sea
Ernest Hemingway 「The Old Man and the Seas
This ink represents the epic battle between the elderly and a school of sharks in the sea. It blends seamlessly with the deep ocean blue base of the boundless sea, as if melting copper, and is complemented by sparkling red glitter, creating a vibrant mix of colors.

Anna Karenina
Leo Tolstoy 「Anna Karenina」
The allure of Anna's intense love, but marked by the societal stigma and difficulties of an illicit affair, expressed in an enchanting ink with a base of rose red, enhanced with red glitter.

Mary Shelley 「Frankenstein」
Victor Frankenstein's creation is captured in this ink, embodying the destructive appearance and internal turmoil of the monster. Murky green glitter sparkles over a vivid purple base, revealing a rust-like copper sheen as the ink dries, evoking the atmosphere of the monster.

The Plague
Albert Camus 「The Plague」
A copper-hued sheen unfolds, resembling the ominous spread of the Black Death, as a dark and melancholic violet base is gradually overtaken by the inky shadows of agony and death.

20000 Leagues Under the Sea
Jules Verne 「20,000 Leagues Under the Sea」
The ink is designed with inspiration from the adventures of the submarine Nautilus, exploring seas such as the Antarctic, Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific Oceans. It features a vivid blue base with golden glitter reminiscent of coral reefs, creating a
dazzling representation of the underwater world.

Carlo Collodi 「The Adventures of Pinocchio」
This ink represents the curious and lively personality of the troublemaker Pinocchio. With a base color of emerald and mint, subtle yellow undertones emerge, complemented by sparkling gold glitter, creating a vibrant ink full of vitality.

Carlo Collodi 「The Adventures of Pinocchio」
An ink depicting the gentle father figure, Geppetto, who lovingly looks after Pinocchio no matter what mischief he gets into. It features warm and soft colors, with clear blush red and dramatic yellow undertones, reflecting the tender care Geppetto provides.

The Valley of Fear
Conan Doyle「Sherlock Holmes」
An ink that vividly embodies the Valley of Vermissa, a valley of terror and death where violence and murder were rampant, with its striking red sheen starkly contrasting against the deep blue, creating an eerie and intense atmosphere.

The Hound of the Baskervilles
Conan Doyle 「The Hound of the Baskervilles」
This Ink is the 'The Hound of the Baskervilles', colored with the motif of the legend of a giant hunting dog that breathes fire. With its deep red fur and a green collar ominously glowing, it depicts the desolate night guarded by the deathly hunting hound in the wilderness.
From the Earth to the Moon
Jules Verne 「From the Earth to the Moon
Inspired by a novel about the dream of sending people to the moon by launching a cannonball towards it, this ink captures the view of Earth from the moon. The ink features a grayish-blue base with shimmering blue glitter, evoking the image of Earth seen from the lunar surface.

- Type: Ink Bottle
- Volume: 30ml
- Bottle Material: Glass

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