Wearingeul Ink Set - Jekyll to Hyde Ink


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Jekyll to Hyde ink is a ink set re-creating Dr. Jekyll's experiment dividing the goodness and badness from a human. There are 2 ink bottles in the set, one with 30ml of and the other one with 24ml of Henry Jekyll ink. Henry Jekyll ink is a calm red colored ink with shading.

By injecting 'Conversion Solution' into 'Henry Jekyll' ink with 24ml, one can have 'Edward Hyde' ink with dark violet and green sheen. Peeling off the Henry Jekyll sticker, 'Edward Hyde' Ink label appears.

- Type: Gift Set

- (1) 30ml Dr. Henry Jekyll ink
- (1) 30ml Mr. Edward Hyde
- (1) 8ml Conversion Solution
- (1) Syringe
- (1) Guide

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