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Leonardo Piston Removal ToolLeonardo Piston Removal Tool
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Kaweco Elsterglanz Metal Polishing Paste (40ml)
In stockKaweco Elsterglanz Metal Polishing Paste (40ml)
Platinum Fountain Pen Cleaning Kit | EndlessPensPlatinum Fountain Pen Cleaning Kit for Japanese Model | EndlessPens
In stockPlatinum Fountain Pen Cleaning Kit
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Platinum Ink Kit | EndlessPens Online Pen StorePlatinum Ink Kit | EndlessPens Online Pen Shop
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Sailor Maintenance Kit - Fountain Pen
Sold outSailor Maintenance Kit - Fountain Pen
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Kaweco Cleaning Syringe
Sold outKaweco Cleaning Syringe

Pen Care & Maintenance

Get your pen care supplies right here! Ensure your writing instruments are in their best condition for continuous ink flow. Even pens, over time, would need upkeep or periodic cleaning. Like other machines, it has different parts and mechanisms that require check up to prevent or remove dust, fibers or flakes of dried ink.

Avoid writing poorly because of skipping or scratchiness. Know when it is time to clean your writing instruments such as fountain pens to ensure the best writing experience.


How To Care For Your Pen?

The first step is making sure you have the pen cap on, and it is securely kept. Having a pen case or a pen sleeve is a must. If you just let it sit around anywhere or have it in a cluttered drawer along with other tools or supplies, damaging your pen is highly likely.

Maintenance itself is all about attention to detail and frequency. Take your pen carefully apart and focus on each part. Basic cleaning involves flushing, soaking, and air drying. Do this every four (4) to eight (8) weeks or whenever you will change your ink.

Be sure to avoid using warm water when flushing or any abrasive chemicals when soaking. Harsh cleaning materials would surely damage your pen so only use cold water or a vinegar mixed with it.

In case of long-term storage, remove the ink, clean the pen nib and make sure all the parts are dry before capping it on and storing it in a pen case or pen sleeve. Removing the ink is important so it does not dry up.

Buy Here!

Before going to pen care specialist or your if you do not have an easy access to one, you can do basic pen care and maintenance. EndlessPens proudly offers basic pen care supplies from brands like Kaweco and Sailor. Either individually or as a set, you can buy a cleaning syringe, metal polishing paste, eye drop filler, and maintenance kit from us.

Do not feel discouraged in case you see an item marked as sold out. You can send us a message for your order or wait for us to re-stock.