Wearingeul Ink Bottle (30ml) - World Myths and Legends Ink (The Oldest Stories)

Color: Hwanung

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World Myths and Legends Ink (The Oldest Stories).

World Myths「Korea」
Hwanung’ is the son of ‘Hwanin(god)’ who came down to the human world according to Korean Myth. This ink shows the color of windy and cloudy sky with great shading of dusty sky blue and dark violet.

World Myths「Japan」
Tsukuyomi is the Japanese god of moon managing nights and time. Just like the phases of the moon change as time goes, the color of Tsukuyomi Ink also changes from navy blue to pastel violet.

World Myths「India」
Vayu is the god of wind and air in India. It illustrates the color of wind and air which are invisible but can be felt. Based of crystal clean emerald green, light and soft pink appears as the ink dries.

World Myths「Maya」
The Mayan god of lightning and rain, Chacc hits cloud and makes lightning thunder. Chaac ink symbolizes the land of Maya with orange brown color. Also, golden glitter represents lightning and silver glitter represents rain drops.

World Myths「Ancient Arya (Iran)」Veretheragna is the god of war and victory in Ancient Persia. The vivid violet color shows the powerful strength and dauntless mind of Veretheragna. Also, there comes black sheen on the edge of the ink.

World Myths「Egypt」
The Egyptian guardian of the dead, Anubis has
a head of jackal and human body. Warm brown black with great shading and shinning gold and red copper glitter give the atmosphere of ancient Egypt accessories.

World Myth「Enki」
'Enki' is the god of wisdom and the god of water in Sumerian mythology. Enki Ink is an impressive ink with dramatic color separation. From the enigmatic blue color, a mystical violet color rises, and like sunlight shimmering on flowing water, golden glitter gleam above the ink.

World Myth - Zemyna
Jemyna is the deity of the land, the goddess of nature, and also the god of death. Jemyna Ink captures the natural cycle of life returning to the earth and sprouting anew. It begins with a green hue, which gradually separates into mocha brown and a
subtle green, accompanied by glimmers of gold and green glitter.

The Great Sage Heaven's Equal
World Myth - China
In the classic Chinese novel "Journey to the West," Sun Wukong obtained the title of 'The Great Sage Heaven's Equal.' This ink is inspired by the Hwangryongpo and golden headband worn by The Great Sage Heaven's Equal. 

World Myth - Northern Europe
Heimdall is the god of light in Norse mythology. Heimdall Ink is an ink that transitions naturally from a bright yellow color, like the sun, to orange, and when applied generously, it can even display a reddish hue. This ink has a wide color range.

World Myth - 「Inuit」
"Sedna" is the Inuit goddess of the sea in Inuit mythology. "Sedna" ink is inspired by the vast and cold waters of Alaska, reminiscent of the waves crashing in the sea.

World Myth - 「Greek and Roman」
In Greek and Roman mythology, Persephone is the goddess who, after being abducted by Hades, becomes the queen of the Underworld. The Persephone ink is a dark violet color infused with a heavy and death-laden atmosphere, embellished with red glitter symbolizing pomegranate seeds.

World Myth - 「Greek and Roman」
Ink inspired by the god Hades, who rules over death, featuring a deep black reminiscent of the underworld, with frozen-like hints of icy blue glitter, embodying restrained beauty reminiscent of the realm of the afterlife.

- Type: Ink Bottle
- Volume: 30ml
- Bottle Material: Glass

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