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Washi Tape

Have more fun when you stick some with our unique and playful washi tapes. This are not your regular tapes at all. They are different, with variations on color and design. Some are monochromatic, simple and minimalist while others are colorful and cute.

What is a washi tape anyway? It is a multi-purpose adhesive. Like regular masking tape, you can use it directly as a binder or more importantly, you can use it for more creative purposes. Spice up your journal and line it with different washi tapes depending on your mood. Use it when you make an art card, and you want to stick in some interesting dried plants and flowers or other details. You can also use it for you for your artwork. Use it to make a collage or scrapbook or use it to divide spaces or create borders to come up with painting with clean lines and no spill over the edges.

Do check them out and see what you like or why not get them all? That isn’t such a bad idea. Each roll is not that expensive so feel free to get one or two, or more. Share it with your friends and get crafty together.

Since these are decorative tapes, you can use them however you like, whether for ab artistic output or aa regular masking tape. Washi tapes are both beautiful and durable.