How do I know which Tier I belong to?

To check if you've achieved a Tier, sign in and go to your Account page. If you're on a computer, it will be on the left side bar. If you're shopping on mobile, it will appear when you tap the top bar that says 'My Orders'.


What are my tier perks?

All Tier Perks are outlined on our Tier Perks page.

❗️ IMPORTANT: Please note that Tier Perks cannot be applied if you are not logged into your account. So remember to log in before shopping!


I'm a Gold / Platinum Member.
How do I get FREE Shipping?

USA customers get FREE* Shipping for orders over $99, while International customers get FREE* International Shipping for orders over $399.

* The FREE shipping option will be available to you at check out. Please select the Free Shipping Option. Selecting any other option will still incur the usual charges.


I can't see any VIP products.
And my Tier Discount Code won't work!

Double check if you are logged into your account. All Tier Perks — including the ability to view more products, and use your Tier Discount Code – are only made available if you are logged in.

If you are already logged in, but you are still experiencing the same problem, kindly reach out to us by sending a screenshot of the error to


How many discount codes can be applied at checkout?

Only 1 discount code can be applied at checkout.


Does my exclusive Tier Discount Code expire?

The Tier Discount Code will always be available to customers belonging to its respective tiers. We want you to have the best prices all-year round, without needing to wait for a sale or promo! Use your Tier Discount Code for all regular products each time you shop!


What are "Regular Products"?

Any product that is not part of an existing sale. Tier Discount Codes, for example, cannot apply to Clearance items — which are already discounted at a higher percentage anyway. Your Tier Discount Code lets you shop as if everything on the site is always on sale for you!


Can I use my Tier Discount Code on Pre-Order Items?

Yes. But please take note that our usual policies on Pre-Order, including the waiting period, will still apply. Please read our Pre-Order Policy.


Can I apply my Tier Discount to past unfulfilled orders?

No, the effective date of the Tier Membership Program is January 15, 2022 EST. Any orders placed before this period are not eligible for the Tier Discount.


When will my membership be upgraded to a higher tier?

No need to do anything! Tier upgrades are automatic, and happen the more you shop at EndlessPens. Please read our Tier Perks page for more information on how upgrades work.

❗️ IMPORTANT: Please note that your tier will only change once your latest order has been shipped. If your order is on Pre-Order status, please wait for your order to be fulfilled before checking if your tier has upgraded.


Does my membership expire?

While EndlessPens reserves the right to cancel this program, your membership does not expire even if you haven't shopped with us for a long time. We believe that life has many seasons, and we don't want you to worry about losing any of your benefits if shopping for new pens and inks isn't the priority right now. We are happy to serve you and provide the best possible experience as soon as you return!


Can I combine several accounts to be eligible for a Tier Upgrade?

No, tier upgrades are automatic per account. Orders from several different accounts cannot be combined toward a tier upgrade.



Thanks for reading our Tier Perks FAQ! We hope this was helpful!

If you have any other concerns that haven't been addressed here, please contact us via