Wearingeul Ink Bottle (30ml) - Your Throne (Naver Webtoon)

Color: Helio Tropium

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Add a touch of sophistication to your writing style with the exclusive Wearingeul Your Throne (Naver Webtoon) inks!

Medeia Beliar
NAVER Webtoon - Your Throne
Media ink has vivid purple base color with mysterious violet glitter alike the hair and eye color of 'Media Beliar (Medea Solon)'. The color represents resolute and tough character of Media with high saturation of shinning violet.

Helio Tropium
NAVER Webtoon - Your Throne
Helio ink is light cool gray based ink with violet and silver glitter, showing the character of cold-hearted and neat nobility. The violet glitter appears through gray as the ink dries.

Psyche Polly
NAVER Webtoon - Your Throne
Psyche ink shows light green glittering with warm yellow base color. Just like warm-hearted Psyche with blonde hair, this ink has calm, but shimmering color.

laros Orna Eperanto (Discontinued)
NAVER Webtoon - Your Throne
laros (Eros) ink is an extravagant golden ink based on attractive navy blue. Bright and striking gold glitter shows the dignity of king, and luxurious fashion of Iaros(Eros).

Peron Sov Eperanto
NAVER Webtoon - Your Throne
Peron (Perion) ink has vermilion red color without glitter. The ink represents straight forward but social and trustworthy character of Peron Perion)


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