Warranty Exceptions:

  • Vintage Pens
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Ink Converters
  • Ink Bottles
  • Ink Refills
  • Pencil Lead Refills
  • Notebooks
  • Paper


Direct-to-Brand Warranties

❗️ IMPORTANT: EndlessPens does not handle warranty issues for the brands listed below—these warranty issues are handled by the brand's local distributors.


EndlessPens will accept Warranty Claims on behalf of the distributor and the brand for one year.

If there are further issues beyond the first year, BENU offers a lifetime warranty for their fountain pens. Please contact them directly through their website, or email info@benupen.com.


Thank you for purchasing the fountain pens produced by Cypress (the company*). Cypress has made best efforts to produce high-quality products. Before being delivered to you, all products have passed strict quality inspections. Cypress hereby promises the following matters to ensure your rights and interests.

1) When you receive the pen(s), if any defect is found, please contact Cypress within seven days. They will replace it with a new one free of charge. However, the remade pen may not be virtually identical due to the natural materials used.

2) The pen made of natural materials may crack as the situation arises, such as severe changes of humidity and temperature. In scenarios when it occurs due to non-human factors within seven days, Cypress will repair the cracks of your pen for free If there is a need to repair after more than seven days, it will be charged subject to the degree of damages.

3) The pens produced by the company have a one-year limited warranty from the date of purchase.

4) Traces, pollution, damages caused by normal use, or damages caused by human factors are not covered by the warranty.

5) The company reserves the right to Interpret the contents of this guarantee.

For any questions, please contact celine@pstek.com.tw.

Endless Stationery

Please contact Endless Stationery directly via email at team@madebyendless.com.


Two-Year Warranty, against manufacturing defects. Please send your pen with a copy of your receipt to the following address:



Attn: Service/Repair
441 Vine St.
Cincinnati, OH. 45202
Phone: 630-945-2710 (call or text)
Email: doug@eliteaccessoriesltd.com


Without a receipt, charges will apply. For non-manufacturing defects, charges will also apply. Disassembling your pen voids your warranty.


Please contact Kilk directly via email at info@kilk.ist, or via Whatsapp at +90 553 419 5749.


Laban offers one year guarantee to all end-users. Laban doesn't charge for any repairs within a year in case the pen was broken due to defect of materials or workmanship. Laban only charges in case the pen was broken due to improper usage.

For Laban returns, please return the pen to Laban directly, and provide your mailing address and a note stating what is defective. Laban will usually return the pen within three (3) days unless the pen needs special parts for repair.



12140 Artesia Blvd.
#103 Aresia CA 90701


Lochby guarantees our all of their products against manufacturing defects. Normal wear and tear from use is not considered a defect, and is not covered by their warranty.

Please contact Lochby for any warranty claims.

Nahvalur / IKKAKU

Please email service@nahvalur.com for any warranty claims.

Opus 88

Please contact Opus 88 for any warranty claims.

Peg and Awl

Peg and Awl guarantees their products to be free of defects in the materials or craftsmanship. They will be happy to replace any defective products. Wear from normal usage is not included in this guarantee.

Peg and Awl believes firmly in creating enduring products whose lifespan can be lengthened by repair. Many of the materials in their products have already seen at least one lifetime of use, and have accumulated stories which are now proudly displayed in the character of the objects. Each further marking, crack, or dent accumulated throughout each object’s new life – and the patches applied thereto – are further stories to proudly display. To contact them about repairs, please email Peg and Awl with photographs at customerservice@pegandawlbuilt.com and Peg and Awl will assess the repair needed.


The warranty for material and production defects is three (3) years from date of purchase for each Pelikan writing instrument. The warranty excludes normal wear and tear, and becomes null and void if the writing instrument has been used inappropriately, manipulated by third parties, is lost, or will be used in combination with other than Pelikan accessories.

Please contact Chartpak for any warranty claims.

Pelikan also offers a Nib Exchange Program:

Within 30 days with receipt, Chartpak offers a free nib exchange on all models from M200 and above - customer can contact (800) 628-1910.

Pilot / Namiki

Pilot / Namiki offers a Warranty specific to their product lines. Please contact consumerservice@pilotpen.com for any warranty claims.



Emperor, Yukari Royale, Yukari, Nippon Art, Custom Urushi, Vanishing Point Raden


Sterling, Justus 95, Falcon, Fermo, Vanishing Point


Custom 823, Custom 912, Custom 74, Heritage, Stargazer, Stanza, Ageless, Prera, Knight, Axiom

Platinum Pen Co

1. Platinum falls under a one year manufacturer warranty through their distributor Luxury Brands USA.

2. The One Year Warranty is for pens over $100, if the pen is under $100 EndlessPens will not offer any additional protection (buy at your own risk).

3. If you have an issue with your Platinum pen under warranty we will accept it back and have it fixed by Luxury Brands USA and shipped back to you.

Retro 51

A copy of Retro 51's consumer warranty booklet is packaged with every product. Should warranty service be required, see the Service Request page for repairs in Retro 51's warranty booklet. Contact their customer service by emailing sales@retro51.com, or by calling 972-479-1405 and asking for customer service.

Tailored Pen Company

Please contact Tailored Pen Company for any issues on the TPC Contact Form.


EndlessPens One-Year Warranty

Brands Covered by EndlessPens One-Year Warranty:

  • Aurora
  • Faber-Castell
  • Fine Writing International
  • Graf Von Faber-Castell
  • LAMY
  • Leonardo
  • Manuscript
  • Montblanc
  • Parker
  • Sailor
  • Shibui
  • Tibaldi
  • Waterman


    Placing a Warranty Claim

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