Introducing Lamy from Endless Pens your reliable and sophisticated writing buddy. Made from high quality material, from fiberglass to matte stainless steel, Lamy pens offer nothing but a smooth writing experience. Whether you are a writer at heart or an entrepreneur on the go, our Lamy pens are perfect for you.

Lamy pens come in many shapes and colors. Find your perfect match today and let it represent your character, attitude and style.

Check out the Lamy 2000 Black Makrolon Ballpoint Pen, a timeless classic and one of the most modern writing instruments today, a great value but no less elegant than other ballpoint pens from our collection.

For a more sophisticated look, we recommend the Lamy 2000 Metal Ballpoint Pen, made of matt stainless steel. It comes with an E107 gift box, hence makes the perfect gift for any occasion.

Our pens are not only designed for writing savvy adults, but also children learning the fine art of writing. The LAMY ABC Beginner’s Fountain Pen is designed for children, from an ergonomic and pedagogical point of view. Not only is it affordable, but also beautifully crafted for both right and left-handed children. Each pen comes in two colours, red and blue, and a V313 gift box.

Also, don’t forget to check out limited edition products from Lamy, Leonardo, Parker and Pelikan, with some of them being pre-order luxury items such as the Leonardo Limited Edition Momento Zero Ebonite Rosewood Fountain Pen and Leonardo Limited Edition Momento Zero Abyss Celluloid Fountain Pen.