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Order Status

Where is my order?

It’s easy. Simply sign in to your account, and go into My Account. You will be able to view the details about your order status there. In addition, once an order has been shipped, you will receive an email from us which will include tracking information. These emails should appear in your inbox, however if you can’t find it in there, please make sure to check other folders (junk, spam) as well. Make sure to mark EndlessPens emails as secure so that all future emails will be received in your inbox.


My order was cancelled unexpectedly! Why?

Shopify flagged your order as high risk of fraud. As per our protocol, we screen orders before fulfillment to see if they're fraudulent. If your order has been flagged incorrectly, please contact with your order number to appeal your order.


I'm planning to buy in bulk. Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we do! If you'd like to inquire about our wholesale prices, please email us at:


Sales and Discounts

What is HopDrop, and why can't I Hop on that Drop?

HopDrop Discount Codes are a weekly subscriber-exclusive perk — sent through our email marketing campaigns. To view the HopDrop Collection and use your HopDrop discount code, you must be subscribed to our newsletter and logged into your account.


I forgot to use the coupon code! Can I still redeem the discount? 

Has it been 24hours since your order? Don't worry, we have you covered! Simply contact us at and give us your order number. If your orders have not been shipped or 48 hours from the completion of order, we will send you a Gift Card equivalent to your discount. 


I've paid for an order, but then it went on sale! Can I still redeem the discount?

We love to put products on sale, as such if an item has been ordered and goes on sale we will honor the new sale price by extending Store Credit (redeemable for up to 365 days) for the difference, if and only if the item has not yet been shipped.

Kindly contact for your unique code. 


Can I combine different promos?



Do I get a discount on my pre-order?

Yes, you do! Pre-Order products have an automatic discount on the website. 


Buy one, get one offer / promo - but I didn't receive it!

Please make sure you add the free item to your cart. At checkout, your item will be marked FREE. If you forgot to add the free item to the cart, don't worry! Just contact us and we'll be happy to send you your free item! Reminder, we will accommodate requests provided it has been 7 days from the date of order, if we still have some it in-stock and shipping cost will be shouldered by you. So make sure to check out with your free item.


How long can I wait to use my Gift Card?

If we issued you a gift card as store credit, it's valid for 365 days from the date we issued it. 

If you purchased the gift card it has no expiration. 


Price Match Guarantee - I found a site that offers my pen at a lower price.

If you find a pen at a lower price on another website / store we will match the price. 

You must provide a current link of the product from an authentic website / seller / retailer. The item must be in brand new condition, have the same shipping terms, and must be in stock at the time you are requesting the price match. 



All our products are genuine, produced by globally recognized Brands. They all have gone through meticulous and thorough quality control checks before they leave their respective manufacturing facilities. 

All brands provide worldwide warranties that should be honored by their local distributors irrespective of where the product was procured. EndlessPens purchases its items from established worldwide dealers and sometimes the local distributors do not warranty products sold by us. We have therefore created our own Warranty and should the local distributor in your country refuse to service your product EndlessPens will be happy to honor the warranty. 


How do I register my warranty?

Register your warranty here: EndlessPens Warranty Registration. Always register your pens upon purchase for you to claim the warranty service. 


How long will the warranty be?

Purchases from EndlessPens are eligible for a One-Year Warranty against any manufacturer defect. This excludes normal wear and tear and becomes null and void if the product has been used inappropriately, altered, engraved, manipulated by third parties, or is lost. The warranty will be effective from the date of purchase.


Warranty Exceptions:

  • Items purchased from our Clearance collection 
  • Vintage Pens
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Ink Converters
  • Ink Bottles
  • Ink Refills
  • Pencil Lead Refills
  • Notebooks
  • Paper
  • TWSBI — If you need to have your damaged TWSBI product repaired, please send an email to the following address: TWSBI prefers that all warranty claims go directly through them.
  • Pilot / Namiki — Pilot / Namiki offers a Warranty specific to their product lines. Please contact for any warranty claims.
    - Lifetime — Emperor, Yukari Royale, Yukari, Nippon Art, Custom Urushi, Vanishing Point Raden
    - Three (3) Years — Sterling, Justus 95, Falcon, Fermo, Vanishing Point
    - One (1) Year — Custom 823, Custom 912, Custom 74, Heritage, Stargazer, Stanza, Ageless, Prera, Knight, Axiom


Pre-Order Policy

What is a Pre-Order?

A Pre-Order product is an item that is for sale on our website, but which is not in stock at the moment. By Pre-Ordering a product, you are actually reserving this item in advance before they are officially available in our store without having to worry about this product selling out.


What is a Special Pre-Order?

A Special EP Pre-Order is for an order placed for a product(s) that MAY or MAY NOT be listed on our site and that we currently do not have In-Stock or for any product over $750 in value.

❗️ IMPORTANT: Special EP Pre-Orders are not subject to the 99-Day Guarantee.


What is the 99-day Promise?

We will ship all Pre-Orders within 99 days (this does not apply to Special Pre-Orders). If we do not ship your product(s) within that time frame, you may choose the following options:

  • An additional 10% discount to your order that will extend the Pre-Order as advised by the supplier.
  • Cancel your order for the pre-order product and issue you a full refund along with a Store Credit amounting to 10% of your Pre-Ordered product.

If you have a pre-order and we are unable to procure the item for you, we will cancel the product from your order and fulfill the in-stock items. If the pre-order item is the only order, we will cancel it and refund the amount.


What about Special Pre-Orders?

A Special EP Pre-Order is for an order placed for a product(s) that MAY or MAY NOT be listed on our site and that we currently do not have In-Stock or for any product over $500 or more in value. 

❗️ IMPORTANT: Special EP Pre-Orders are not subject to the 99-Day Guarantee.

This includes when a customer has requested for us to source and procure a particularly hard-to-find / rare / limited edition / Holy Grail product(s) on their behalf. 


Do you charge my credit card at the time of purchase?

Yes, full payment for all Pre-Order categories will be captured at the time purchase.


Can I combine my order with In-Stock Products and Pre-Order Products?

Yes you can! EndlessPens will only ship out your whole order when all the Pre-Order products arrive at our facility and everything will be sent as one package. This does not apply to additional orders after the purchase was done. 

If at a later date you decide that you would like to split your order and receive the In-Stock products before your Pre-Order products arrive, we will be happy to oblige, however, this will be subject to an additional shipping charge. If you wish to split your order, please contact us


When is my Pre-Order item coming?

We strive and usually receive pre-orders between 4-8 weeks from the date of order, however we set our pre-order to 99 days to account for any logistical issues. We try not to disappoint any of our customers, however sometimes these challenges may come up.





Shipping FAQ

How much will my shipping cost?

Add the items you want into your cart and view the courier options. Shipping costs vary per location.


How do I track my order?

You'll receive an email from us when your order has shipped, which will include all the necessary tracking information. If you did not add your e-mail address you will receive a text message. 

You can also check for your tracking number on your account. Go to My Account, click on the Order Number and you should see your tracking number. Please ensure that you are logged into the correct account. We associate our accounts through email.


Why is my tracking number not updating?

If your package appears not to be moving or if it is delayed for some reason, please wait for a Tracking update and/or Delivery from the courier handling your package. If you do not see any Tracking updates, it is simply a case whereby the package has not been scanned, which occurs sometimes with couriers. Rest assured it is on its way! For Domestic shipments if you do not receive your order within 14 days of the date of shipment please contact us. 


My order was shipped back to sender.

If a 3rd party courier has returned your package as undeliverable / return-to-sender / unable-to-forward we will issue a Refund of the value of the product MINUS 5% Restocking Fee and shipping cost. You may request a re-ship and you will be responsible for new shipping costs.


I received the wrong item ☹

  • Step 1 - Take a picture of what you received, preferably in its original packing and send us an email
  • Step 2 - Initiate Return at the RETURN PORTAL page and follow the steps. You will need your Order# and account email for this.
  • Step 3 - Once we approve your request, we will issue you a Return Label and you can then ship them back to us.
  • Step 4 - Once we receive the wrong items back at our warehouse we will ship out the correct items immediately.
Please allow for 5 working days from when your item shows as delivered at our warehouse for us to ship out the correct item 


    I am missing an item from my order.

    • Step 1 - Take a picture of what you received, preferably in its original packaging to confirm your concern and email us
    • Step 2 - Once we receive your complaint we will investigate and confirm our stock. Please note at this point we may request for further information. 
    • Step 3 - If we find your claim to be valid we will send you a new order to ship out the correct item . For international shipments we will issue a refund for the amount of the missing item. 

    Please allow us 5 working days from when we receive your email to address your claim. 


    Domestic Shipping

    ❗️ DISCLAIMER: All the Shipping Services affiliated with EndlessPens are considered non-binding 3rd Party Entities. Once a package leaves our facility we are not in any shape, way or form fiscally responsible for ensuring timely couriers service and/or a delivery guarantee by these parties. This applies to packages shown as ‘IN TRANSIT’ and/or ‘DELIVERED.’

    USPS, and UPS are available for Domestic shipments.

    All orders are fulfilled from our warehouses in the US which are located in Florida and New York.


    What are the shipping options for orders within the USA?

    We currently use USPS and UPS for domestic shipping. Both shipping methods include tracking which will be emailed to you as soon as shipping is confirmed.

    Estimated Delivery time via USPS

    • USPS First Class Mail - up to 10 Business Days.
    • USPS Priority Mail - Up to 5 Days. Insured up to $50.
    • Priority Mail Express / Next Day Saturday delivery option is available only in the US. Insured up to $100.
    • USPS Shipment can be tracked here: USPS Tracker

    Estimated Delivery Time by UPS:

    • UPS Ground - Up to 6 Days
    • UPS Next Day Air Saver - 1 Day Delivered before 9:00pm
    • UPS Next Day - 1 Day Delivered before 4:00pm
    • UPS Next Day Early - 1 Day Delivered before 11:00am
    • UPS Shipments can be tracked here: UPS Tracker


    Free Shipping

    We offer free shipping on all orders over $99. We reserve the right to use any shipping method. Please note then free shipping does not include insurance and should you wish to add insurance you can purchase it here: EndlessPens Shipping Insurance


    My packages shows as delivered but I can’t find it. 

    Can't find your package? Please follow the below steps: 

    • Ensure that you check with your neighbors or anyone else you feel would have access to the mail. 
    • Check all mailboxes that it could possibly be in
    • Speak to your USPS carrier or local post office
    • File a complaint with your local post office 
    • If your package was mailed by USPS priority mail you will be entitled to a $50 insurance claim. You can file this here: USPS Claims.

    In most cases the package does turn up, and usually tend to hear that the neighbor mistakenly received it. In some cases, we have even heard that the maintenance guy holds on to it for safe keeping. Strange, but true…

    EndlessPens will not be responsible for any package that shows as delivered. 


    International Shipping

    ❗️ DISCLAIMER: All the Shipping Services affiliated with EndlessPens are considered non-binding 3rd Party Entities. Once a package leaves our facility we are not in any shape, way or form fiscally responsible for ensuring timely courier service and/or a delivery guarantee by these parties. This applies to packages shown as ‘IN TRANSIT’ and/or ‘DELIVERED.’

    USPS and UPS are available for Domestic shipments.

    All orders are fulfilled from our warehouses in the US which are located in Florida and New York.


    What are the shipping options for international orders?

    • USPS, UPS and DHL are available for International shipments. 
    • KANGO is also available for the Philippines.


    Who is paying for my customs, duties and taxes?

    It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that they are aware of any local taxes / other charges that will be due when their package arrives at their country’s port of entry. Any special requests are not guaranteed.


    Delivery Time Estimates

    • USPS First Class Mail - up to 90 Days. No tracking outside the US
    • USPS Priority Mail - Up to 45 days No tracking outside the US
      - USPS Priority Mail Express - Up to 30 days . Tracked till destination
      - USPS Global Express - Up to 7 Days. Tracked till destination
      - DHL Priority Express - Up to 7 Days. Tracked till destination
    • Kango - No Tracking Outside the US. up to 60 days. (Customs taxes and duties included in all Kango Shipments. 

    We highly recommend that International customers choose a tracked shipment method from the above list. 


    My package is lost. Please HELP!

    Have you done the following?

    • Check with your neighbors, check all mailboxes that it could possibly be in
    • Speak to your courier service.
    • File a complaint with your courier. 

    For any issues please contact us and we will do our best to locate your package. 


    Can I make a claim if my package was lost?

    Yes you can, if you have purchased EndlessPens Shipping Insurance.

    ❗️ IMPORTANT: Lead time for international shipments will be as above. If the package still shows in transit it will not be EndlessPens' liability unless shipping insurance was purchased. If the package shows delivered EndlessPens will also not be liable.





    Will you accept my return?

    You have 14 Days from the date of delivery of your package to file a Return by entering our RETURN PORTAL.


    I forgot that I had a return claim!

    Not to worry, an approved return will be given 30 days to ship for local returns and 180 days for international returns. If you have not sent your pens after the given days we will automatically cancel your return request.


    What can I return?

    You can return purchases bought from EndlessPens, except for the following items:

    • Pens bought from Clearance Sale, Buy One Get One promos
    • Gift Cards
    • Ink Bottles
    • Ink Cartridges
    • Converters
    • Any item that was purchased under $15 
    • Inked / Used Pen (except for Warranty Reasons)

    If you do have issues on any of the listed above items, please email us at and we’ll see what we can do.


    How do I file for returns?

    To initiate a Return please visit our RETURN PORTAL. We encourage you to review the information on this page to ensure that your request is approved.


    What is the Return Portal?

    It is a link for you to file your Returns. You will need your Order Number and account email. You will only have 14 days to file your returns. We will not accept returns that were not filed through the portal.

    Please file under the correct return reason. Returns not filed under the correct reason will be automatically declined and you will have to send an appeal to


    I don’t think the pen works for me, can I return it?

    Yes, you can and this will fall under “Change of Mind”. We will only accept dip-tested or uninked pens.

    EndlessPens will NOT cover any Return shipping charges in the event you have received your product and then you ‘change your mind.’ A ‘change of mind’ is a broad term that includes everything under the sky AND excludes receiving a product that is defective / damaged / not as described. 

    ❗️ IMPORTANT: If in our investigation of a Returned product we find evidence to contradict your claim, for example, if you return a Fountain Pen that you claim has not been inked, but we find that you inked it, then you will have 2 options:

    • We can ship it back to you at your own expense. 
    • If you do not respond or do not agree to have it shipped back to you within 72 hours, then a 75% restocking fee plus any initial shipping costs will apply to your refund. These pens cannot be resold as new.



    Damage in Shipment - When there is visible damage upon receipt, or declared damage by our staff upon inspection, EndlessPens will shoulder return shipping costs, and exchange the product or issue a full refund.

    Defective Item - The pen must not be inked or used. EndlessPens will shoulder return shipping charges, and exchange, repair, or refund the item.

    Received Wrong Item - EndlessPens will shoulder return shipping of the incorrect item, as well as shipping fees for the correct item.

    Change of Mind - Customer must shoulder all additional shipping charges. There will also be a restock fee for items returned following these categories:

    • 10% Pre-Order and In-Stock
    • 20% Special Pre-Order

    Warranty Request - When the customer fails to return the item 14 days after receipt of delivery, and the pen has been inked, the customer will shoulder return shipping charges. An invoice will be sent when the product is ready to be shipped back to the customer.



    Oops, I want to change my order!

    Yes, we can definitely help you with any changes on your order. Email your concerns at:

    Gentle reminder for exchanges:

    • No charge if a request has been made within 24 hours upon completion of order.
    • After 24 hours, a convenience fee of $4.99 is charged.
    • For Pre-Orders / Special Pre-Orders, your 99-day guarantee will be RESET from the day of the change of order.


    Can I add items on my existing order?

    We cannot add to your pending order. The best option is to make a new order if you want to get another product from EndlessPens. 



    I made a mistake and I want to cancel my order.

    Email us for any cancellation requests at

    A kind reminder that for all order cancellations, the following fees apply.

    • Orders completed within 24 hours, no fee.
    • In-stock and Pre-Orders later than 24 hours, 10% cancellation fee will be charged
    • Special Pre-Order later than 24 hours, 20% cancellation fee will be charged.


    I changed my mind. Can I return my order?

    Yes you can. Email us at for the reason for your return.

    ❗️ 14 Day Window: You have 14 Days from the date of delivery of your package to file a Return by entering our RETURN PORTAL.





    We've teamed up with a financing company called !

    Affirm allows you to pay off your purchase over time. Just select Affirm as your payment option in checkout. You'll need to take a few moments to fill out some information so that Affirm can set you up with some financing.

    Once this is done, you'll see either of these:

    • A 3-month installment payment program with 0% APR
    • An option between 3 / 6 / 12-month financing terms with each term clearly showing your monthly payment and interest (if applicable)

    Affirm doesn't charge any late fees, service fees, prepayment fees, or any other hidden fees.


    How to Use Affirm:


    Shop, Shop at EndlessPens


    Shop on our online store as you would normally, adding products to your cart.


    Checkout, Checkout with Affirm, EndlessPens Checkout, EndlessPens Checkout with Affirm

    Checkout with Affirm

    At the payment step of checkout, choose “Pay with Affirm”. You'll be asked to provide some information, so you can get some financing. (Only available for the US)


    Enjoy Your Purchase, EndlessPens Enjour Your Purchase, Enjoy Your Purchase at EndlessPens

    Enjoy your Purchase!

    If your order is In Stock, we'll ship your products right away, so you get to enjoy your product even before you're fully paid!

    If your order is a Pre-Order item, please wait; we'll get your product to you as soon as we can!

    NOTE: you may not receive a rebate of any interest that may have already accrued on an amount that later gets refunded.


    Pay Over Time with Affirm, EndlessPens Pay Over Time with Affirm, Pay Over Time through Affirm with EndlessPens

    Pay Over Time

    Pay monthly using a check, debit card, or bank transfer at



    If you need more information, please read Affirm's FAQs.





    How do I protect my package?

    As of January 25th, 2021, EndlessPens provides you with the option of purchasing shipping insurance for your packages to protect against loss or damage. Insurance fees are based on the total value of the contents contained within your package and mailing costs, if any.

    EndlessPens will provide coverage for any loss, a maximum of up to $1000.00 per order, per domestic or international shipment. No coverage extends beyond this limit.

    There are limitations for insuring some products and certain items. Awarded claims will payout up to, but no more than, the value of the package.


    A) If you buy coverage for up to $100 and the contents of your package plus mailing cost are valued at $75, the maximum claim payout will be up to $75.

    B) If you buy coverage for up to $100 and the contents of your package plus mailing cost are valued at $200, the maximum claim payout will be up to $100.



    Up to $ 50 $ 3.50 $ 5
    Up to $ 100 $ 5 $ 10
    Up to $ 300 $ 15 $ 30
    Up to $ 500 $ 25 $ 50
    Up to $ 1000 $ 50 $ 100

    All Insurance packages are non-refundable.



    • Customizable coverage to cover your ‘in-transit’ packages anywhere in the world.
    • Reimbursement up to the sale price of the contents of your package plus mailing costs.
    • Coverage for most risks including loss, damage, undue and extraordinary delay, and theft.
    • Peace of mind.


    Filing a Claim

    To file a claim you will need to complete the correct corresponding form for us to ensure that we have all the relevant information necessary to review and process your claim.

    START YOUR CLAIM. The more documentation and evidence you provide us with the better your chances of consideration.

    Listed below are common documents and information you can provide us with:

    1. Proof of mailing, tracking numbers, and delivery dates.
    2. Photos and videos; please compress large files, i.e. .zip files, or upload them to shared drives such as on Google or Amazon. Do not send large files as these may clog the system which may result in processing delays.
    3. In cases of theft, EndlessPens may require a sworn affidavit or a copy of a police report for documentation purposes.


    Claim Consideration and Decisions

    1. All claims must be submitted within 14 days of any event or occurrence of loss.
    2. Allow up to 60 days for EndlessPens to review and process your claim.
    3. Approved claims will be refunded to your original payment method.
    4. Denied claims will not result in any payouts.
    5. All decisions are final


    Insurance Per Order

    ❗️ IMPORTANT: EndlessPens Shipping Insurance only covers the items in the same order. It does not apply to future or past orders.