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Colors: Frost

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Glitter Potion is a liquid with glitter for writing/drawing inks. One can add Glitter Potion into a non-glistening ink, and can have a unique shimmering ink by one's own. By adding Glitter Potion only 10% of the original ink volume, one can make creative inks. It can be applied to most of non-glistening inks regardless of ink brands.

How to use the Glitter Potion

  1. Shake the potion gently so that the shimmering don’t sink.
  2. Add the Glitter Potion, 1/10 the amount of the target ink, using a dropper to the target ink.
  3. Close the lid and shake it gently so that it mixes well.

Becoming Witch Glitter Potions

Lyman Frank Baum 「The Wonderful Wizard of Oz」

This glitter potion is an ice attribute magic potion with ice cold light blue glitter, By adding the potion into Wicked Witch ink bottle, you can make Wicked Witch of the East, master of ice magics.

Mind Control
Lyman Frank Baum 「The Wonderful Wizard of Oz」

It is a dark attribute magic potion with viciously shinning violet glitters. You can make Wicked Witch of the West with Mind Control Glitter Potion, who can manipulate one's mind by her own.

Lyman Frank Baum 「The Wonderful Wizard of Oz」

Fire attribute is the major of the most powerful witch, the wicked witch of the South. You can add red color glitter to the ink and can make stunning beauty to dark color inks.

Healing Light
Lyman Frank Baum 「The Wonderful Wizard of Oz」

It is the major of Wicked Witch of the North, Light attribute. Brightly shinning golden yellow glitter gives additional shine and impression to various inks. Even too much moderate ink can be healed with this glitter potion.

- Type: Glitter Potion
- Volume: 10ml
- Bottle Material: Glass
- Size: 65mm x 25mm

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