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Yes, we love our fountain pens, fountain pen inks, and paper. It is only natural to be curious about new products that come out in the market. Exploration and discovery of the tools that would make our overall experience more pleasurable are parts of our journey. However, this usually entails a bit of spending, and sometimes our budget constrains us.

Here at EndlessPens, we would like to help you get that grail and enrich your collection. With our seasonal promotions and cyclic sales, we seek to help make your curation process a breeze. With multiple offerings and particular deals, you will be sure to discover products that will fit your needs and your budget.


Holiday Steals

A special occasion deserves a celebration. Take advantage of these specific calendar days when EndlessPens rolls out carefully selected fountain pen sets and related items, and discount and coupon codes chosen to commemorate each holiday —


Father’s Day / June 19

This is the perfect time to treat Dad to a thoughtful gift to give thanks to him and all that he does for the family. Check this out for inspiration.

Fourth of July

Celebrate this festive holiday with some fireworks of your own — in the spirit of fountain pens, of course. Stay tuned for specific sales and some EndlessPens Exclusives that are coming back by popular demand.


If 2022 is going to be as much fun as last year’s, then better not miss this! Who doesn’t like adorable monsters who come bearing awesome treats?

Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday

These are major sale events that occur yearly, so mark these on your calendar to score huge discounts. Site-wide and doorbuster deals offering the lowest prices are just too good to pass up.

12 Deals of Christmas

This is a series of promotions celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. It is a series comprised of 12 days with 12 different #RealStealDeals.

End of Year Clearance Sale

This event ushers in another turn around the sun with 50% or more discounts on selected items. Time to attract some good vibes as you celebrate the coming of the New Year!

Recurring Sales

These are cyclic events that occur on a regular basis. So enable your notifications and be updated when these scheduled promotions are just around the corner.


Flash Sales

Aptly named, these events occur with a dash of surprise, and are only available for a limited time — from 12 hours, 24 hours, 36 hours, or up to a week. Stay on your toes to get first dibs!

Monthly Promo

Discounted products are up all month long at EndlessPens Monthly Promo page, giving you ample time to choose and make your final decision. One example is the Mystery Box and the Lucky Box series.


This promotion gives you an additional discount on top of a preexisting one at EndlessPens HopDrop page. Take advantage of these double deals by entering in specific codes upon checkout.

Become a VIP / EndlessPens Loyalty Program

The more purchases you make at EndlessPens entitles you to more perks. This is in honor of our repeat and most valuable customers. With each purchase, your account tier levels up. This ascending tier system enables you to view more products, get an exclusive, multiple-use discount code, and take first pick from special, limited edition fountain pens and other offers, as well as free upgraded shipping — just to name a few. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Handy Gift Cards

A few Sunday Scribble posts back, we presented a good alternative to buying actual products. This online shopping option frees up the giver and receiver to make easier and more personal choices.

Hello, June!

This coming month, EndlessPens has three special offerings in store for you. These collaborations between unique creatives and fountain pen makers seek to bring meaning and personal significance behind the tools that accompany us on our journey. We hope these editions’ stories will resonate with you.


Opus 88 Dancing Lights by @micahfinds

This shimmering, multi-hued fountain pen is inspired by the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. As Aurora is the Greco-Roman goddess of dawn, this pen embodies hope, illumination, new beginnings, and second chances that shine with promise with the beginning of each new day.

Opus 88 Cup of Comfort by @lekzumali

A warm cup of tea is the perfect companion in your hand as you relax and enjoy a quiet moment. Taste that first fragrant sip to start a ritual of introspection celebrating mindfulness and serenity — perhaps through expressive journaling. Let this adorable, little fountain pen remind you to take care of yourself as well. (The pen pictured is a mockup; we will have a picture of the actual pen very soon!)


Tailored Pen Company Arashiyama by @micahfinds

This serene green fountain pen evokes the resilience, strength, and prosperity symbolized by the bamboo plant. In memory of the renowned Arashiyama bamboo forest in Japan, may it serve as a tangible reminder of how nature’s calm and steadfast energy flows through all of us, nurturing our continued growth beyond hardship and challenges. (Below is a photo of the Arashiyama forest; we will have a picture of the actual pen very soon!)

On Becoming A Savvy Shopper

I have always loved sales and special promotions. First of all, it gave me the opportunity to save money. Second, it provided me with pre-selected sets and combinations that made it easier for my collection to be more cohesive. Lastly, it took the pressure out of having to choose from so many possibilities, particularly when I was running out of time and energy.


I hope this compilation helps you as well as you venture further into the rabbit hole of fountain pens and related paraphernalia. I encourage you to keep coming back to this post to remind you of the different ways of getting a better deal. Please share in the comments section below your personal tips on how to shop smart as well, so that we can learn from each other.

Until the next sale then, and Happy Shopping!



( Please note that some links are provided as examples only. )

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Written by @lekzumali
Check out her musings on Instagram!

Author: Lekz

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