Thoughtful Gift-Giving with EndlessPens' Gift Cards

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and last month we presented some examples of fountain pen and ink gift sets carefully chosen for that special someone, as well as yourself. The current times being what they are however, we at EndlessPens also realize that unforeseen circumstances can throw a wrench in even the most well-laid plans.


Enter… the EndlessPens Gift Card!

It is a simple, straightforward, and unprepossessing alternative, and yet when wielded well, it has the potential to be the best gift ever. It is a good choice for stressed out gift-givers too, when finding the perfect gift for your loved ones is proving difficult, and you are already running out of time. Read on to discover how and why sending your love with a gift card can become your favorite way of showing you care.


The Advantages of Gift Cards

You give the gift of choice.

I think this is the most important reason why a gift card would be the perfect option, especially for people who appreciate flexibility and value the proffered freedom to choose their own gifts. It also shows a huge dose of consideration on the part of the giver for the recipient’s particular tastes. It lessens the anxiety and stress of the giver as well when it comes to making the most appropriate and pleasing selection.

You give the gift of choice.

It is more convenient for both giver and recipient.

Nowadays, e-commerce has been experiencing a boom as more consumers are increasingly becoming tech-savvy with their transactions. The global pandemic has likewise accelerated the trend towards a more digital structure of conducting business. Gift cards are now an increasingly attractive option for those of us who are looking for a fast and easy purchasing process without having to leave the comfort of our own homes. Choosing a gift card and presenting it to your intended recipient is as speedy as it can get traveling through the internet. In addition, gift cards do not have an expiry date from the time of purchase. Likewise, this makes it easier for the recipient to make use of the gift.

It is more convenient for both giver and recipient.

You can stay on your budget.

From the start, you can determine your budget allocation for a gift, then choose a card with the equivalent amount. This helps you stick to your resolve rather than finding that ideal present and having to break your planned limit. Gift cards are worth the same as how much you paid for them, so they are as good as cash in hand. Giving them as presents can also take away the possible impression of gaucheness some people may have when it comes to offering someone real money. 

You can stay on your budget.

You can save some money.

Some merchants, such as EndlessPens, offer discounts for their gift cards at certain times. You can take advantage of this by purchasing said cards at lower prices. Your recipient can then combine these with other site promotions during peak sale season to save and shop more conscientiously. Furthermore, the cost of sending gift cards is a lot less than mailing actual, bulkier parcels. It also makes the whole gift-giving process more manageable and economical, as it cancels the need to wrap up your purchase just to make it presentable.

You can save some money.


Other Points to Ponder

There are some who might think that gift cards are too general or impersonal. Personally, I would rather have that additional layer of enjoyment that would be given to me as the recipient, wherein I am allowed to choose something I would particularly prefer. Receiving a generic gift that you could tweak to your heart’s content might feel better in the long run than something well-meant but would not eventually be used. You might end up having to exchange the gift after all. An open-ended gift card would be a better alternative for your more choosy recipients.


You, as the giver, can also take the gift card beyond its digital presentation. It can be given in any form fountain pen enthusiasts like us will appreciate. You could write a heartfelt letter using your own fountain pen and ink, and attach the gift card’s user code in your own handwriting. For a more creative approach, an artful small envelope with a handmade gift card with its specific code could be sent through the post. These options will surely take more effort and time, but your recipient will value the personalization you have crafted. It also adds your distinct style and flair to an otherwise mundane email greeting.

You could write a heartfelt letter using your own fountain pen and ink.

If you do decide to take the more expedient route and just forward the email to your loved one, it still is a thoughtful and considerate gift, as the power of deciding is passed on to the person whose choice matters most. This, in itself, is a worthwhile opportunity to show how much you care for the person you are sending this gift card to.


Final Thoughts

Nowadays, the myriad choices of products available at our fingertips have given us a greater potential to curate our own purchases. Gift cards, with their inherent advantages, help us do that with ease and comfort. They have also kept up with the changing trends of consumer practices. Therefore, consider giving your loved ones this kind of present next time, and they will be more grateful for it. Oh, and look at that! It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow. *wink wink*

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow! Get your loved one an EndlessPens gift card today!



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