EndlessPens Curated Gift Sets to Celebrate Father’s Day

“If there is any immortality to be had among us human beings, it is certainly only in the love we leave behind. Fathers like mine don’t ever die.”  - Leo Buscaglia

A Short History Behind Father’s Day

It was the love of a daughter for her father that became the seed for what we now celebrate as Father’s Day. It was in 1909, during a church celebration of Mother’s Day in Spokane, Washington, that Sonora Smart Dodd realised that there should also be an equivalent day for commemorating fathers. She went around her community, campaigning for support, spurred on by the respect and gratitude that she had for her widower-father. A year later, Washington celebrated the first statewide Father’s Day on June 19. In time, recognition spread. President Wilson observed Father’s Day in 1916 by using the telegraph system to signal the unfurling of the flag in Spokane. President Coolidge in 1924 issued a call for state governments to honour Father’s Day.

However, the holiday was also beset by controversy during the 1920s and 1930s, as some advocates rallied for just one Parents’ Day, promoting equal love and respect for both parents. The Great Depression put a halt to this campaign, as shops strengthened their efforts to make Father’s Day more significant. The second World War further established this observance, as a way to honour the troops and bolster the war effort. President Johnson issued the first proclamation in 1966, assigning the third Sunday of June as the official day for celebrating fathers. Finally in 1972, President Nixon signed it into law, recognising Father’s Day as a national holiday.

EndlessPens’ Gifts for Fathers

Today, Father’s Day has become an important event in our lives. For those who have experienced the love and support of fathers and fatherly figures, this is a welcome opportunity to acknowledge how influential they have been. Even though norms may have changed; showing appreciation for that person who has cared for you in a paternal sense remains an honoured tradition to this day.

EndlessPens has carefully selected and composed several sets of fountain pens, ballpoint pen, inks and/or a notebook to make choosing a gift for Dad easy and meaningful. Each set has been tailored to reflect or highlight what makes each father special in our hearts.

I Am Aion Man!

$79.99 $175

Set I:  I Am Aion Man!

This selection is stylish with its minimalist aesthetics. The Lamy Aion fountain pen in Black is a perfect counterpoint to the ballpoint pen in Olive Silver. Both are made of durable yet lightweight materials which are enhanced by understated industrial design. The aluminum matt brushed finish adds a contemporary touch to both the fountain and ballpoint pens. These function equally well within the office or out in the field. Diamine fountain pen ink in Presidential Blue is a medium blue shade that can be used for work or leisure. The included Lamy Z27 ink converter helps round off the whole set. This set would be great for fathers who value functionality, versatility, and a touch of style in their tools of the trade. This is for Dad, the everyday superhero who gets the work done.

Write Here Write Now

$149.99 $200

Set II:  Write Here Write Now

This next selection stands out because of its well-considered balance of form and function. The Opus 88 Opera series fountain pen leads with its gorgeous craftsmanship involving multiple layers of polished lacquer, combined with a generous ink capacity. Add to this the vibrant shade of Inspired Blue fountain pen ink from Waterman, a brand trusted for quality. Lastly, the Lamy lined notebook in Umbra acts as an ideal journal; as it is made of high quality paper that works well with fountain pens. This total package is ideally constructed for the fathers who prefer to write, whether for work or as a personal avocation. Journaling for Dad is elevated to a whole new level with well-built, sophisticated instruments such as these. 

I Love You 2000

$159.99 $290

Set III:  I Love You 2000

Last, but definitely not the least, is this set that highlights the Lamy 2000 fountain pen. Designed with Makrolon and combined with the engineering elements that Lamy is known for, this pen offers a unique writing experience. The sublime colour of Agate, one among the Crystal line of Lamy fountain pen inks, makes a statement for elegance that is founded on subtlety. The Shibui pen case in Ocean Blue, crafted from high quality, full grain leather is the ideal receptacle for such a distinguished fountain pen. It likewise adds a bit of flair that enhances the attractiveness of the total package. This set is for the fathers who might be more familiar with fountain pens of such calibre, and/or put a premium on high standards of workmanship. This is for Dad, who knows his implements well and prefers only the best.

Celebrate His Special Day

Fathers and father figures truly deserve a day that is uniquely theirs. Most often, they have to balance the roles that society has given them. They are usually tasked to earn a living for the family yet be present, to be an authority figure but still be affectionate, and to be a disciplinarian who remains compassionate. It is not easy to carry the responsibility, and to have been conditioned to not show the struggle. Father’s Day is our chance to openly express our love and appreciation for the significant parts that they play in our lives.

Therefore, whatever way you choose to honour your old man, let it be something that comes from your heart, as a way to acknowledge that you see him and are grateful for his unique guidance and love.



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