Pelikan Fountain Pens

Renowned for its high-quality writing instruments, Pelikan pens are designed to be sophisticated, practical and timeless.

The Pelikan Classic M200 Fountain Pen, for example, is a traditional Pelikan fountain pen with reliable piston-filling mechanism. It comes in two colours black and green marbled and different nib sizes, made of high-quality stainless steel. Its timeless design and 24 carat gold-plated decorative rings make it a perfect gift for any occasion.

For your formal attire, we recommend the Pelikan Classic M215 Rings Fountain Pen which just like the Pelikan Classic M200, comes with different nib sizes — extra fine, fine, medium and broad. Its bold, black color is great for enhancing your office look.

The higher range Pelikan fountain pen is the Pelikan Souverän M600 Fountain Pen, available in multiple colors and three different nib sizes. It has a piston filler and a beautifully crafted striped body made of celluloid acetate, as well as 24 carat gold plating and 14 carat nibs.

For a quirky aesthetic, check out the Pelikan Special Edition M200 Smokey Quartz Fountain Pen and Ink Set, which is Pelikan’s 2017 special edition. This Pelikan fountain pen has a transparent body, made of high-quality resin. It also has a 24 carat gold-plated decorative rings and a long beak clip.

Another quirky Pelikan fountain pen in store is the Pelikan Classic M205 Demonstrator Special Edition Fountain Pen, which is truly a masterpiece of technical precision. Just like the M200, it also has a transparent body.

Pelikan’s higher quality pens such as the Pelikan Toledo M900, M700 and Pelikan Special Edition Souverän M1005 Stresemann Fountain Pen are only available for pre-orders thanks to their unique aesthetic and handmade engravings. Both the M900 and M700 feature 18K gold nibs.