EndlessPens Mystery Box - Poltergeist

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n. a supernatural being that makes loud noises and flings objects across the house.
"be careful of the poltergeist in the master bedroom"


"You don’t see me, but you know I’m there for the havoc that I’ve wrought. I can get into anything, and I mean everything. I usually like to mess with teenagers and their things. My name may have come from Germany, but me and my kind can be found everywhere: from Britain, to Switzerland, and to the United States. You better pick my box if you know what’s best for you, just in case I decide to break a few of your everyday favorites." — A Passionate Poltergeist


- 5 Mystery Items
- Total Value ranging from $300.00 - $350.00
- All EndlessPens Mystery Boxes include at least one fountain pen

❗️ DISCLAIMER: All Mystery Box purchases are final and are not eligible for return / exchange / refund unless the items arrive defective or damaged.

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