Everyday Alchemy: EndlessPens Celebrates Writers, Part XI

It’s all a question of imagination. Our responsibility begins with the power to imagine.
— Kafka On The Shore / Haruki Murakami

I raise my head, moonlight in my eyes. “So, how are things?”

Your satisfied smile fairly glows, a soft purr thrumming in your throat. “As well as can be expected… you do know how I work.” Goosebumps rise along my skin, the scar across my chest twinges from the memory.

“I missed you.” My head bows a little, breath leaden.

“I’m here now. It is time.” A claw snicks out, its edge keen as sorrow, light as joy.

I make no sound, for it is what it is. I gave you my heart, and now, my tongue.

The words spill out of me in a symphony of stories.

“Thank you for your service,” like the murmuring of leaves kissed by your dark wings.

I nod my head gently as I turn around, my lighter footsteps leading me back to the harsh lights of the emergency room.


Magic and the Mundane

Magical realism is a literary and artistic genre that blends the magical or fantastical with the ordinary and everyday aspects of life, creating a narrative where supernatural elements coexist seamlessly with the realistic. This genre challenges traditional notions of reality and introduces enchanting or extraordinary events in a matter-of-fact manner.


In magical realism, the magical elements are woven into the narrative without disrupting the overall coherence of the story. It introduces fantastical elements into familiar settings, treating them as a natural part of the characters' lives and their world. This genre invites readers to accept the extraordinary as commonplace, nurturing a sense of wonder and blurring the lines between the fantastical and the real.


The magical elements in these narratives often serve symbolic or metaphorical purposes, enabling writers to explore complex themes, cultural identities, and historical events in a unique and imaginative way. Magical realism provides a lens through which authors can delve into the mysteries of human experience, offering a nuanced perspective on reality and pushing the boundaries of storytelling.


The Literary Alchemist

The enigmatic Japanese author Haruki Murakami stands as a literary maestro whose works transcend conventional boundaries. His surreal realms encourage us to travel where reality and imagination dance in an intricate duet. Born in Kyoto on January 12, 1949, Murakami wields a pen with a unique kind of literary alchemy, blending the mundane with the metaphysical to create a literary tapestry that captivates and mystifies.


Central to Murakami's allure is his ability to navigate the labyrinth of human awareness by exploring the existential questions that linger in the depths of the mind. His characters, often ordinary individuals thrust into extraordinary circumstances, grapple with themes of loneliness, identity, and the elusive nature of time. Murakami crafts narratives that are at once disorienting and poignant, inviting us to question the very fabric of our existence.


His distinctive prose is a seamless fusion of the everyday and the otherworldly — possessing a musical quality, a rhythmic cadence that evokes a trance-like state, mirroring the dreamlike landscapes within his stories. Murakami's writing transcends cultural barriers, making the intricate collaboration between East and West, tradition and modernity, effortlessly accessible to a global audience.


Parallel worlds and alternate realities populate Murakami's literary cosmos. From the enigmatic town of Kafka on the Shore to the ethereal realms of 1Q84, his novels invite us to suspend disbelief and embrace the fantastical. And yet, beneath the veneer of the magical lies a profound exploration of the human condition, where the surreal serves as a mirror reflecting the complexities of our own reality.


Beyond the boundaries of his novels, Murakami's reflections on life, creativity, and the writer's craft resonate with a universal truth. His commitment to solitude, disciplined routines, and unwavering dedication to his art serve as an inspiration to aspiring writers and readers alike. Murakami's literary ethos extends beyond storytelling — it becomes a philosophy, a way of approaching the world with curiosity and introspection.


In a world marked by chaos and uncertainty, Haruki Murakami's oeuvre offers a sanctuary for contemplation and escape. His eloquence lies not only in his prose but in the profound resonance of his narratives. He beckons us to traverse the inner landscape of our own minds, to confront the enigma of existence, and to find solace in the beauty of the unknown. Through his words, Murakami becomes a guide, leading us on a journey where reality blurs, where the distinctions between the ordinary and the extraordinary dissolve into a dreamscape of infinite possibilities.

I know how fiction matters to me, because if I want to express myself, I have to make up a story. Some people call it imagination. To me, it's not imagination. It's just a way of watching.
— Haruki Murakami

EndlessPens Recommends : Haruki Murakami’s Alchemical Instruments

On his 75th birthday, EndlessPens celebrates the maestro of magical realism, adopting his own creative, narrative style and translating it into a selection of fountain pens and other writing implements that meld magical inspiration with everyday functionality, inspiring us to craft stories from our inner landscapes and personal truths —

Sailor Veilio – Presenting the latest iteration of VEILIO, the collection inspired by the concept of a VEIL intertwined with the enchanting swirls of ILO (color in Japanese), a 2023 Limited Edition series from Sailor. The acrylic barrel of the fountain pen features captivating fluid marble patterns that create an illusion of a bridal veil gracefully enveloping its face. The transparent body showcases VEILIO's exquisite design, both internally and externally.


Platinum Procyon Luster Modern Maki-e – PROCYON LUSTER is a new fountain pen series suitable for adults. Named after the brightest star in the Canis Minor constellation, the Procyon pen series is designed to brighten your writing experience in business scenes and in everyday life with all-new body form and color variations. It was the winner of the ISOT 2019 grand prize for functionality. PROCYON LUSTER, a new model developed in 2021 in pursuit of a luxury feel, joined the brand line and offered a smooth texture and sleek color palette.


Ichor - A Special Edition Endless Exclusive for 2023, this fountain pen features a blank designed by @micahfinds, produced by Tailored Pen Company on their Cigar model. Its style is similar to the Cylindre style but with the main difference being a smooth transition between the body and the cap. The Cigar style has rounded ends and continues almost the same size throughout the body of the pen, featuring a Greek Ionic Column engraved on the nib. The Greek columns symbolize strength and support for structures that served the people in olden days. And because they continue to stand tall today, they also represent power and agelessness.


Wearingeul World Myths and Legends – Also known as The Oldest Stories, this series from Wearingeul Ink encapsulates the different deities recognized across various cultures. These inks are suitable for writing and drawing with fountain pens, dip pens, glass pens and other various ink pens. These inks have great shading, sheening effect, flow and visibility. Both beginners and experts of ink writing/drawing can use Wearingeul inks with ease.


Kakimori Pigment Ink – The evocative form looks as though a drop of molten glass has solidified. Filling the bottle with ink creates the illusion of two elements becoming one. The stable base prevents the bottle from tipping over easily. Once dry, Kakimori's pigment inks are water and fade resistant. They have been developed to ensure your special message stands the test of time. The generous 20mm opening with an 8-degree angle makes dipping easy without damaging the delicate nib. The shallow depth allows for effortless refilling of converters and helps to keep your pen clean from unwanted ink. The series comes in ten colors inspired by Japanese word play and imagery.

You have to dream intentionally. Most people dream a dream when they are asleep. But to be a writer, you have to dream while you are awake, intentionally.
— Haruki Murakami


Happy Birthday, Haruki Murakami!



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