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Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.
— Hannah Arendt

Every Story Matters - Leaves On Top Of An Open Book

I grew up on stories — tales of fantastical lands, of daring heroes and dastardly villains, each of them with stories of their own. It was a way to live other lives, going beyond my reality to where anything is possible, where I could be whoever I wanted to be if only for a moment, with a turn of each page.

I’m still fed by stories. But now, I have my own tales to tell as well. And with each reading I am drawn, not by living another life but through finding resonance with my own. With each tale that speaks deeply, I reweave my own. Like magick, like reality.

Every Story Matters - Storytelling

Celebrating Each Story

National Write Down Your Story Day is a celebration dedicated to the art of storytelling and the power of personal narratives. Observed annually on March 14th, this day encourages individuals from all walks of life to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and share their unique experiences, memories, and perspectives with the world.

Mitzy created National Write Your Story Day in September of 2017. She is an author, visual artist, art coach, and founder of A Mother of Colour, a platform which aims to inspire authors and artists to become better individuals. Her ethos ‘rising by lifting others’, provides direction and encouragement so that people can share their work with the world and help others too. The origins of this special day are rooted in the belief that every person harbors a treasury of tales, each bearing the hallmark of their unique journey through the labyrinth of existence. Whether it's a tale of triumph over adversity, a humorous anecdote from childhood, or a reflection on life's lessons learned, each person's story contributes to the rich tapestry of human experience.

Every Story Matters - Books and Eyeglasses

Participating in National Write Down Your Story Day offers numerous benefits beyond the simple act of self-expression. Writing down our stories can be a therapeutic exercise, providing us an opportunity for reflection, healing, and personal growth. By transcribing the contours of our lives onto the parchment of prose, we engage in an act of profound introspection, unraveling the mysteries of our past, embracing the nuances of our present, and charting the course for our future.

This day enjoins everyone to embrace their creativity and honor the power of storytelling in all its forms. Whether through prose, poetry, memoir, or even visual art, we are encouraged to find the medium that best allows for authentic and meaningful self-expression.

Moreover, sharing our stories can foster connections and empathy. By opening up about our experiences, we extend an invitation for others to traverse our inner landscape, forging bonds of understanding and solidarity amidst the tapestry of human diversity.

Doing so also provides opportunities for communities to come together and celebrate our collective narratives. Writing workshops, storytelling events, and online forums offer spaces for us to share our stories, listen to others, and celebrate the diversity of human experience together.


Every Story Matters - Group Of People Having A Conversation

As society becomes increasingly digital and interconnected, National Write Down Your Story Day serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving our personal stories in a tangible form. In an age where information is ephemeral and attention spans become increasingly fleeting — taking the time to write down our stories ensures that they will be passed down to future generations, enriching our cultural heritage and providing insights into the human condition.

Every Story Matters - A Person Writing On A Journal

In essence, National Write Down Your Story Day is a celebration of the transformative power of storytelling — a testament to the indomitable spirit of the human soul to transmute the raw material of experience into the gold of wisdom and insight. As we dip our quills into the inkwell of memory and imagination, we imbue the parchment of existence with the hues of our individual narratives, enriching the mosaic of humanity with the kaleidoscope of our shared experiences.

Every Story Matters - A Person Writing On A Notebook

Hatching Your Creativity

Parallel to the essence of National Write Your Story Day is EndlessPens’ ethos of nurturing creativity. Hence, HATCH was born — a collaborative program that bridges the gap between a creative’s imagination and a brand’s resources, connecting them towards a tangible manifestation.

Underlying HATCH is the interweaving of the hearts and minds behind EndlessPens. As visual artists, writers, and fountain pen enthusiasts, we’ve all personally experienced the challenge of transforming our ideas into reality. And we know we’re not alone in this — many creative members of our community cannot fully express their concepts in concrete form due to the scarcity of opportunity.

Every Story Matters - Abstract Painting Making

HATCH is our solution to this systemic issue. Creativity thrives on ideas, but the tangible expression of those ideas are commonly hampered by lack of funding and connections. EndlessPens seeks to address these by funding all HATCH projects 100%, and fostering collaboration between creatives and brand manufacturers. Creatives are paid for their ideation as soon as production begins, regardless of how well their conceptualized product sells. That in itself is a testament to our dedication to nurturing that creative spark.

Every Story Matters - Mixing Colors

Behind every creative idea is a person seeking resonance and connection through their work. We may not be able to HATCH every single idea out there, but we’re here to provide the possible ways and means. It’s an honor to play our part in bridging the gap, nurturing the sense of community between creatives and makers, and encouraging the transformation of various dreams into shared reality. That is HATCH’s story.

Every Story Matters - Blue Paint

Sharing Our Stories

Presenting… just a few examples of creative ideas HATCHed into wonderfully imaginative fountain pens and inks! And some of them are in collaboration with the creatives behind EndlessPens itself and the brands we enjoy —


Every Story Matters - Benu Pens



BENU is an Armenian-based producer of concept-driven, handmade writing instruments. BENU’s story began in January 2016 when the co-founders, Alex Semanin and Kate Dmitrieva, decided to join forces to set up а new creative concept. Right from the start, the aim was clear: to make writing instruments and desk accessories for those who prefer bright colors and new designs that are playful, stylish and fun.



Every Story Matters - Benu Sundae by the Pool Fountain Pen


Benu Sundae by the Pool Fountain Pen – by @_erickgama_ (2023)

Step into a world where nostalgia intertwines with creativity, where every stroke of ink tells a story of cherished summer moments. BENU Sundae by the Pool is not merely a writing instrument; it is a portal that allows you to relive those sun-soaked, carefree days by the pool, where laughter echoed and time stood still.
Just as the pool water enveloped you completely, this exquisite writing companion becomes an extension of your thoughts and dreams, gracefully translating them onto paper. As the sun's warm rays dance upon the water's surface, so too does this BENU fountain pen capture the essence of that magical dance — etching your words onto the page with grace and fluidity. The rich colors and mesmerizing patterns come together, creating a symphony of inspiration that only reveals itself to those who appreciate the beauty within.
Whether you are an artist, a writer, or simply a lover of life, BENU Sundae by the Pool can become your trusted companion, allowing you to express your deepest emotions and cherished memories. It is a reminder that summer is not just a season; it is a state of mind, a celebration of life's simple pleasures.


Every Story Matters - Kilk Fountain Pens


Kilk Fountain Pens

“Every pen is a poet in its own realm” underlies this brand’s story. The seeds were planted in an art workshop in Istanbul amidst friendly conversations, nourished by the dreams, ideas, and inspirations of the artistic environment. Now, their exquisite fountain pens bear the marks of cultural history, creativity, and technical ingenuity. From design to production, their process thrives on the concepts of wit, aesthetics, ergonomics, and durability, with the aim to accompany every writing enthusiast on their journey.



Every Story Matters - Kilk Luna Fountain Pen


Kilk Luna Fountain Pen – by @from.pens.with.love (2023)

Wherever we are on this Earth, we live under and look up at the same moon.
Wherever we are on this Earth, we in the fountain pen community share the same home. As strangers and as friends.
As I currently keep missing my very dear friend, who found me through the fountain pen community, I find great comfort in that at least we see the same moon.
From all of this comes the inspiration for this pen. However figuratively, to bring a small piece of the moon here with us in the form of a beautiful writing instrument that will give us years of pleasure to write with.
Next time you see the moon may you think of your loved ones, near and far, and send them good thoughts.
When you hold the unique Kilk Luna, write beautifully, in your own unique way, and enjoy it.


Every Story Matters - Leonardo Pens


Leonardo Pens

Leonardo's pens celebrate Italy’s landscape, waters, flora and fauna. The country’s films, art and history from ancient times to present day. This means creating nibs, pens, and ink bottles that pay homage to vintage filling systems, materials and traditional techniques. Each pen is made using carefully selected materials such as ebonite, wood, resins and precious metals, and every piece made bears the Leonardo name.

Solely crafted in Italy, each Leonardo pen has a soul and imbues the warmth that only passion for making fountain pens can bestow on it. Leonardo seeks to shed light on Italian artistry in a way that expresses innovation and modernity coupled with its rich heritage. These are the common threads expressed in every Leonardo collection.



Every Story Matters - Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Fioritura Viola Fountain Pen


Leonardo Momento Zero Grande Fioritura Viola Fountain Pen – by @nibsandflourishes (2023)

I have always had an affinity for purple. I could get lost in the richness of a velvety purple bloom, or the delicacy of an ethereal lavender hue. Purple inspires me. So naturally purple took on a starring role in my garden over the years. Violet hues appear in waves over the course of the year, starting with tiny iris reticulata, crocus and hellebores in early spring, followed by alliums, fritillaries, and fragrant lilacs. The fresh deep purple foliage of the loropetalum, cotinus, ninebark and heuchera form the base notes for this purple symphony. As spring begins to fade into summer the siberian iris, salvia and and several shades of purple clematis take over the show. Reddish purple daylilies, drumstick alliums, French lavender and dahlias reign in summer, and the growing season closes with periwinkle purple asters in the fall. I wanted to capture the feeling in my heart when I see perfect purple blossoms opening in my garden for the first time and the layered hues of violet that echo across the garden.
For the pen, I selected multiple shades of violet inspired by a few of my favorite inks that echo the rich purples in the garden, swirled with ribbons of sparkling lavender. Rose gold trim makes the perfect complement to the lovely material custom made by Tailored Pen Company. Leonardo has been one of my favorite brands for years - some of the most beautiful pens I own are Leonardos and I'm thrilled to have my idea turned into one of their works of art. I chose the name Fioritura Viola, which means a purple blossoming or efflorescence but fioritura also means an ornamental flourish in both the musical and calligraphic sense. I felt it captured my garden and my love of purple perfectly.



Every Story Matters - Leonardo Momento Zero Hades Fountain Pen


Leonardo Momento Zero Hades Fountain Pen – by @twenty_sides (2024)

Known by many names—King of the Underworld, Lord of the Dead, the Rich One, the Unseen One. I think of Hades and I see impressive corridors of shadow; dark, expansive halls where the spirits of the dead wander. In the hidden vaults, massive hoards of treasure—diamonds, emeralds, rubies, platinum, silver, and gold.
But who is he, really? Hades has appeared in many myths and popular media as the villain—the god who captures the souls of the dead and uses them for nefarious deeds—the evil one, the crazy one.
But as the deity I work with—my Patron—I've seen him in a starkly different light. The god himself has a dark, sharp, and stern veneer. Powerful, commanding, and terrifying—expected of the god of the underworld. The Wealthy One, the Discerning One, the Dark One.
But what's strange about this Shadow King is that he welcomes all. Look more closely at his hoard and you will see—agates, jaspers, volcanic rocks, aluminum, copper, nickel, tin. And how much is the fare to cross the black river into his realm? 1 obol. A little more than half a dollar.
"Polydegmon" is what we call him. "The Receiver of Many". He welcomes all, indiscriminately. For us—the outcast, the beaten, the unacceptable—to be welcomed at the table offers us a profound sense of solace.
So who is he really?
He has shown himself to me as the Kind One, the Fair One, the Accepting One. The Patient One, the Diligent One, the Hospitable One. He is the teacher of all things mortal and immortal. The one who has given me permission to take up space, because the space I take is mine to have.
The Great Unseen: keeper of shadows, giver of light.



Every Story Matters - Leonardo Momento Zero Persephone Fountain Pen


Leonardo Momento Zero Persephone Fountain Pen – by @micahfinds (2024)

Tales of Growth and Cycles and Seasons.
Embracing Duality, Opposites,
and finding the Sacred In-Between.
Creation and Destruction.
Life and Death.
Blooming and Withering.
Transfiguration and Hibernation.
Every solstice a dance of nature
we get to take part in.
Persephone is the deity I work most closely with. She has taught me to step into my own power. To try my hand at things new and daunting. She believes, encourages, and gives me that little nudge. A seed breaking, a sprout bursting through the earth. I learned to allow contradicting emotions to co-exist, instead of wage wars within me. I learned the language of acceptance as she loosened the language of shame. Both my Kindness and my Ferocity, revealed to me. Now, I meet my Shadows with compassion and understanding, when once I met them with spite and anger. Now, I embrace my many forms. Now, I do not berate myself for my humanity. What is natural. What is true. Only Love leads to evolution.
So when you wield this pen, which I have designed as an ode — to Kore, Proserpina, Persephone — may it both embolden and soften you. Let vulnerability come. Let inner strength come. Welcome Light and Darkness and the Sacred Grey. And may you join evermore in the great dance of the seasons.


Every Story Matters - Nahvalur Pens


Nahvalur Pens

From the depths of imagination surface a new breed of writing instrument tapping into the stream of consciousness with artistic beauty and elegance; Nahvalur (Narwhal) Fountain Pens delivers a great writing experience. Nahvalur Pens has all nibs made in-house!



Every Story Matters - Nahvalur Nautilus Nashville Fountain Pen


Nahvalur Nautilus Nashville Fountain Pen – by @sarahpopejoymusic (2023)

At the heart of Tennessee is the great city of Nashville, also known as Music City. Some of the best musicians, vocalists, and songwriters make the pilgrimage to Nashville's amazing live venues on Broadway, the Gulch, and Green Hills. The live music scene is the pulse of what is happening before songs get recorded and sent to streaming and radio. A few of those venues carry a long history of great music. The colors for the Nahvalur Nautilus Nashville Fountain Pen portray the signature sounds that make up Nashville. The swirls of the pen mimic sound wave images captured during the recording process.


Every Story Matters - Opus 88 Pens


Opus 88 Pens

Masterfully engineered to serve both form and function, Opus 88 fountain pens transcend mere communication to reflect the artistry that is the written word.

For over two decades, founder Michael Hsu has personally and painstakingly crafted each pen to exacting standards, selectively building his Opus 88 label for discerning clientele. Those who recognize the power and beauty of an exquisite writing instrument appreciate his work. Since 1988, as an OEM/ODM supplier, Michael has earned a reputation for excellence. He invites you into the world of Opus 88.



Every Story Matters - Opus 88 Beautiful Writing Mini Pocket Fountain Pen


Opus 88 Beautiful Writing Mini Pocket Fountain Penby @calligraphyspot (2022)

My concept for the pen involves the celebration of writing by hand: the power of a pen, the power of writing, the power of letterforms, the power of words.
As a calligraphy and penmanship instructor for many years now, my definition of "beautiful writing" has changed and become more focused on handwriting as three things: a soothing, meditative experience, a discipline that builds mental and physical conditioning, and — perhaps most importantly — a form of self-expression.
Writing something by hand — whether it's an important paper, a love letter, a signature, even a grocery list — is you leaving your unique mark on paper. This way, it isn't simply about what you write, but the way you write it — how you form your letters, the strokes your fingers make.


Every Story Matters - Opus 88 Busy Bee Outdoor Series Mini Pocket Fountain Pen


Bees and Flowers was inspired by a local garden I like to visit every now and then, particularly when the flowers are blooming. Last spring, on a short walk at the garden, I stopped by the pond and noticed several bees resting and drinking water, probably resting after a long day of pollinating all the flowers. That memory stuck with me and every time I walk or drive by that garden I remember the bees, and what a beautiful sunny day it was. I tried to capture that in the Bees and Flowers designs, hoping it will bring a little bit of sunshine to your day, even in the cold winter days!



Every Story Matters - Opus 88 Christmas Tradition Mini Pocket Fountain Pen


Opus 88 Christmas Tradition Mini Pocket Fountain Pen – by @jamiemcneilart (2022)

“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things— not the great occasions —give off the greatest glow of happiness." — Bob Hope The feeling of Christmas might be held in the moments when you decorate your tree with your family, see sparkling Christmas lights, or bake cookies with your sister on Christmas morning. However you define Christmas tradition, this pen will surely remind you of your best Christmas memories.



Every Story Matters - Opus 88 Cinco de Mayo Mini Pocket Fountain Pen


Opus 88 Cinco de Mayo Mini Pocket Fountain Pen – by @mattdeford (2022)

In my research about Cinco de Mayo, I learned that the armies of Napoleon came to conquer Mexico in the name of France. In a certain city Puebla, the church bells rang signaling to the people of the arrival of the armies. The people grabbed their machetes and defeated the French. As I was applying the color to the ink drawing, I thought of how similar and timely this is. Russia invading the smaller nation of Ukraine. Many citizens came to fight with little assistance at first. This is a time to celebrate the courage of the regular people standing up to the neighborhood bully! Hence the blue and yellow not usually associated with Cinco de Mayo.



Every Story Matters - Opus 88 Desk Creatures Mini Pocket Fountain Pen


Opus 88 Desk Creatures Mini Pocket Fountain Penby @gabbitries (2023)

The Opus 88 x EndlessPens Desk Creatures Pocket Pen was inspired by the EndlessPens team's "can't live without" desk items — illustrated by our very own @gabbitries.



Every Story Matters - Opus 88 Outdoor Series Forest Creatures Mini Pocket Fountain Pen


Opus 88 Outdoor Series Forest Creatures Mini Pocket Fountain Pen – by @jenn.draws (2022)

Step into the woods and onto the sun-dappled path. Breathe deeply. Taste the air, crisp as an apple. Listen to the rustle of branches and try, out of the corner of your eye, to glimpse a fox playing in the leaves.
Forests are pockets of serenity, abundant in both color and life. With this woodsy green talisman, you can write with the cleverness of a fox or sketch with the playfulness of a squirrel. However you use it, don't be surprised if the scent of rich earth and pine trees grows with each stroke of your pen.



Every Story Matters - Opus 88 Hocus Opus Graveyard Shift Mini Pocket Fountain Pen


Opus 88 Hocus Opus Graveyard Shift Mini Pocket Fountain Pen by @thefickleartist (2022)

Hecate —

— come one, come all!

The Graveyard Shift awaits.


Opus-88-Fountain-Pen-Mini-Pocket-Pen-Grumpy-Kitty-Special-Edition-Endless-Exclusive-2022_d915e715-d0ba-41c7-81b4-96e782d7d7a4_1024x.jpg (1000×1000)

Opus 88 Grumpy Kitty Mini Pocket Fountain Pen – by @twenty_sides (2023)

"Grumpy kitty,
Touchy kitty,
Angry ball of fur.

Moody kitty,
Grouchy kitty,
Grr, grr, grr."



Every Story Matters - Opus 88 Hocus Opus Tethered Mini Pocket Fountain Pen


Opus 88 Hocus Opus Tethered Mini Pocket Fountain Pen – by @lekzumali (2022)

Spirit tethered by
Unrequited desire
Silently keening
Her pain though,


There is a belief that souls remain tied to this plane of existence because of awful memories or shattering events. But I believe that those that remain hold on to emotions ~ love, despair, rage, desire. Those are the ones that stay forever.


Every Story Matters - Robert Oster Inks


Robert Oster Inks

“Known as Robert Oster, that boy never left the man. Inventing a private world where colour and imagination were king and queen.

That has never changed. Colour - the enduring king - and imagination, its queen - live on.

The Robert Oster Signature® colour collection, both in Fountain Pen Ink and inkArt.ink™ products, embodies the ethics, the imagination and the very heart and soul of the maker.

It is virtually impossible to speak of the brand without this living reference to he himself. He is the brand. The brand is him.

What you see is what you get... an under- promised product and an over-delivered experience.

From the start, the mantra has been
           “To exceed every expectation at every opportunity.”

We hope we have achieved that in your experience.” – robertoster.com



Every Story Matters - Robert Oster Cozy Comforts Ink Bottle


Robert Oster Cozy Comforts Ink Bottle – by @micahfinds (2022)

Inspired by six soothing sounds, smells, sights, and sensations. Stay cozy with these inks, and may you find more comfort in your days!
Tea Time - A desaturated green ink inspired by the color of matcha green tea, paired with gentle conversations, mindful journaling, or grounding meditation.
Coffee Date - A milky brown ink inspired by lattes, and the company of those who make you feel like your favorite self.
Old Book Smell - A rich red-brown ink inspired by worn and torn leather-bound books. Running your fingers through the spines as you walk through library and bookshop aisles.
Stargazer (Stargazing) - A dark sheening teal with blue and silver shimmer, reminiscent of stars lighting up a night sky. The 3 AM thoughts. The hushed sounds of nature. The smallness of one, and the bigness of the whole.
Campfire Crackle - A shading orange ink with a black sheen and a touch of shimmer. From embers to flame. The crisp sound as the logs burn, warming you on a cold evening, camped out with friends.
Soft Kitty Warm Kitty - A cool gray that leans blue, inspired by the coat of the Russian Blue cat. Warm ball of fur curling up against you on a gloomy day, reminding you that tomorrow can be better.



Every Story Matters - Robert Oster Songbird Ink Bottle


Robert Oster Songbird Ink Bottle – by @msucvleng (2023)

The inspiration for the Songbird ink is the bluebird which symbolizes hope, love, positivity, and renewal. In the harshest of times, these birds continue to sing with happiness as if knowing that better days are ahead. When it sings, its chest, which is covered in rust-orange feathers, quivers as if to remind you of your beautiful surroundings and to always have hope.


Tailored Pen Company

The brand is a nod to tailored suits, ones that are custom-made for the wearer. And in this case, their pens are crafted with the fountain pen enthusiast’s unique tastes in mind, a perfect fit from their hands to yours.



Every Story Matters - Tailored Pen Company Lotus Fountain Pen


Tailored Pen Company Lotus Fountain Pen – by @katlynsnest (2023)

The lotus flower symbolizes purity, strength, resilience, and rebirth. This is due to its different life cycle. With its roots clinging on to mud, the flower submerges under the water each night and blooms again in the morning, sparklingly clean. Its seeds also remain viable for a very long time, some for hundreds of years. The lotus is a good reminder that we can flourish and be resilient in the face of adversity. Often used as a symbol for spirituality, the lotus also reminds us to create a sanctuary within ourselves to retreat in and be at peace. Journaling and sketching is my way to create this sanctuary and I hope that these tools help you feel serenity.



Every Story Matters - Tailored Pen Company Tayabak (Philippine Jade Vine) Fountain Pen


Tailored Pen Company Tayabak (Philippine Jade Vine) Fountain Pen – by @pensandturquoisebrown (2022)

Tayabak is a shared creation with my daughter, Kali. A physically strong extrovert, and the explorer of our family. The one who likes to feel the earth and talks non-stop about her discoveries.
Tayabak (Philippine Emerald Jade Plant) is a native plant of the Philippines found on the enchanted mountains of Mount Makiling. The meter-long turquoise with its claw-like bloom is most curious as flowers are often soft and warm and not spiky nor cool.
This creation is an embodiment of our shared love for nature and our natural curiosity in finding beauty in others’ idiosyncrasies.


Every Story Matters - Happy National Write Your Story Day!

May these stories of creative collaboration inspire your own. Come and HATCH your dreams with us!


Happy National Write Your Story Day!

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Written by @lekzumali
Check out her musings on Instagram!

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