Robert Oster Ink Bottle Set (6-Pack) - Cozy Comforts - Endless Exclusive (2022)

Color: Complete Six Color Set
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Robert Oster Ink Bottle (50ml) - Cozy Comforts - Endless Exclusive (2022)


Cozy Comforts

6 Endless Exclusive fountain pen ink colors designed by @micahfinds. Inspired by six soothing sounds, smells, sights, and sensations. Stay cozy with these inks, and may you find more comfort in your days!


Robert Oster - Tea Time

A desaturated green ink inspired by the color of matcha green tea, paired with gentle conversations, mindful journaling, or grounding meditation.


Robert Oster - Coffee Date

A milky brown ink inspired by lattes, and the company of those who make you feel like your favorite self.


Robert Oster - Old Book Smell

A rich red-brown ink inspired by worn and torn leather-bound books. Running your fingers through the spines as you walk through library and bookshop aisles.


Robert Oster - Stargazer
(Alternate Name: Stargazing)

A dark sheening teal with blue and silver shimmer, reminiscent of stars lighting up a night sky. The 3 AM thoughts. The hushed sounds of nature. The smallness of one, and the bigness of the whole.


Robert Oster - Campfire Crackle

A shading orange ink with a black sheen and a touch of shimmer. From embers to flame. The crisp sound as the logs burn, warming you on a cold evening, camped out with friends.


Robert Oster - Soft Kitty Warm Kitty

A cool grey that leans blue, inspired by the coat of the Russian Blue cat. Warm ball of fur curling up against you on a gloomy day, reminding you that tomorrow can be better.



Each Robert Oster ink is stored in a 50ml plastic bottle.


- Type: Complete Six-Color Set
- Includes: 6 x 50ml Bottles
- Bottle Material: Carbon-free Plastic



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