Pilot Ink Set - Iroshizuku - Limited Edition (2023)

Set: Zan-getsu
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Delight in the rich and lavish colors of each of these carefully curated limited edition Iroshizuku ink collection sets, inspired by the beauty of nature. Each vibrant ink color embodies the beauty of Japanese natural landscapes and plants. There are a total of 6 exquisite sets that each include 4 different 30 ml glass bottle inks, packaged in an elegant gift box. These lovely ink sets will bring the beauty and expressiveness of nature to every word you write.


Ma-yo - The gorgeous, dark sky after sunsets, right before the pitch black night sets in. This set includes:

  • murasaki-shikibu (Japanese beautyberry): Murasaki Shikibu grows wild throughout Japan, adorned with purple-colored berries. This purple matches the shade of the rich Japanese Beauty berry.
  • chiku-rin (bamboo forest): The backdrop of a Bamboo Forest is one of the most iconic of Japanese nature. This green calls to mind the inviting touch of wind flowing through the stalks of a bamboo forest.
  • hotaru-bi (light of fireflies): inspired by the soft light of delicate fireflies. This color is a bright chartreuse green with warm yellow hues.
  • tsuki-yo (moonlight): The shade of blue comes from the image of a night sky, dimly illuminated by moonlight.

Zan-getsu - The color of the moon that appears during a sunny, daytime sky. This set includes:

  • tsutsuji (azalea): this shade of red conjures up the common coloring seen amongst a myriad of azalea flowers.
  • asa-gao (morning glory): The summer Morning Glory has long been a familiar favorite of the Japanese. This shade of blue evokes the refreshing color of a newly blooming Morning Glory.
  • yama-guri (wild chestnut): This shade of brown is inspired by the image of ripe, fallen chestnut shells during the transitional season of Autumn.
  • fuyu-syogun (rigor of Winter): A personification of the harsh and cold winter, this shade of gray is a nod to the cold, clear air of the severe winter season.

Sho-kuo - A tiny bit of a sunshine in a sunrise – when the sun is about to come over the horizon. The beams in the morning. Ku-jaku, Shun-ryoky, Kosumosu, Shin-kai.

  • ku-jaku (peacock): This shade of green calls to the vivid feathers of the richly multicolored peacock.
  • shin-ryoku (forest green): A beautiful nod to the unchanging color of a dense evergreen forest in a long winter.
  • Kosumosu (cosmos flowers): Akizakura (Autumn Cherry Blossom), the Japanese name for a Cosmos, originates from its Autumn blossoms and the resemblance of the petals to that of cherry blossoms. This pink is reminiscent of the friendly and endearing Cosmos Flower.
  • shin-kai (deep sea): This blue evokes the deep ocean, its primeval life-source untouched by the rays of the sun.

Ma-hiru - noon. Like a bright blue mid-day sky.

  • ama-iro (sky blue): This shade of blue conjures up the color of a clear blue sky, unblemished by even a wisp of cloud.
  • kon-peki (cerulean): The deep blue is inspired by the color of a vast and clear summer day.
  • Momiji (Autumn leaves): This shade of red conjures up the bright red leaves that are iconic of Japanese autumn.
  • fuyu-gaki (Winter persimmon): The color of the persimmon has been long used in Japan since around the late Heian period. This shade of orange conjures up the image of a usciously ripe Winter Persimmon.

Yu-gure - sunset.

  • hana-ikada (flower raft of Japanese cherry): Inspired by beautiful cherry blossoms collecting gracefully on top of a flowing a river. This is a gorgeous, rich pink hue.
  • Ajisai (hydrangea): The hydrangea sits quietly amidst a gentle downpour during the monsoon season. This shade of blue conjures up the rain drops nestling on its petals.
  • yu-yake (sunset): This shade of orange is take from an evening sky, painted by the sunset on a clear day.
  • kiri-same (scotch mist): The mist of Japanese Autumns drapes a veil over one’s vision. This shade of gray conjures up the image of a landscape expectant of winter.

Yoi - During sunset to the night – warm sky, not dark yet.

  • syo-ro (dew on pine tree): The color of pine is the most representative of Japan’s evergreens and has long been celebrated as symbolizing eternal permanence. This shade of green conjures up a dew drop reflecting the pine needles.
  • sui-gyoku (emerald): Inspired by the deep green shine in a highly precious, esteemed emerald gemstone.
  • yama-budo (crimson glory vine): This shade of red is a nod to the bright and ripe fruit of the wild, yet subdued, crimson glory vine.
  • take-sumi (bamboo charcoal): Take-sumi has been used in Japanese homes since ancient times as a water purifier, to control humidity levels and for its healing properties. The black emulates the deep, rich black of take-sumi, so familiar to the Japanese.

- Type: Ink Set

- (4) 30ml ink bottles

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