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Colors: Ama-iro
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The name “iroshizuku” is a combination of the Japanese words “iro” (colouring), expressing high standards and variation of colours, and “shizuku” (droplet), which embodies the very image of dripping water. Each ink name derives from the expressions of beautiful Japanese natural landscapes and plants, all of which contribute to the depth of each individual hue.

Pilot's Iroshizuku inks now in cartridges! The Iroshizuku Ink will now be packaged in a 6-piece ink cartridge set.

Delight in the rich and lavish colors of each of these carefully curated Iroshizuku ink colors that are inspired by the beauty of nature. Each vibrant ink color embodies the beauty of Japanese natural landscapes and plants. Each ink cartridge is imprinted with the name of the ink color. The packaging mimics the glass blown Iroshizuku ink bottle packaging. The inner tray will slide out of the box and has an internal latch to stop it from fully pulling out. The perfect accessory to any Pilot fountain pen that accepts ink cartridges!


  • ama-iro (sky blue): This shade of blue conjures up the color of a clear blue sky, unblemished by even a wisp of cloud.
  • asa-gao (morning glory): The summer Morning Glory has long been a familiar favorite of the Japanese. This shade of blue evokes the refreshing color of a newly blooming Morning Glory.
  • fuyu-syogun (rigor of Winter): A personification of the harsh and cold winter, this shade of gray is a nod to the cold, clear air of the severe winter season.
  • ku-jaku (peacock): This shade of green calls to the vivid feathers of the richly multicolored peacock.
  • kon-peki (cerulean): The deep blue is inspired by the color of a vast and clear summer day.
  • momiji (Autumn leaves): This shade of red conjures up the bright red leaves that are iconic of Japanese autumn.
  • mursaski-shikibu (Japanese beautyberry): Murasaki Shikibu grows wild throughout Japan, adorned with purple-colored berries. This purple matches the shade of the rich Japanese Beauty berry.
  • shin-ryoku (forest green): A beautiful nod to the unchanging color of a dense evergreen forest in a long winter.
  • shin-kai (deep sea): This blue evokes the deep ocean, its primeval life-source untouched by the rays of the sun.
  • take-sumi (bamboo charcoal): Take-sumi has been used in Japanese homes since ancient times as a water purifier, to control humidity levels and for its healing properties. The black emulates the deep, rich black of take-sumi, so familiar to the Japanese.
  • tsuki-yo (moonlight): The shade of blue comes from the image of a night sky, dimly illuminated by moonlight.
  • yama-budo (crimson glory vine): This shade of red is a nod to the bright and ripe fruit of the wild, yet subdued, crimson glory vine.

Note: Pens in photo NOT included.

- Type: Ink Cartridge
- Pack of: 6

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