EndlessPens Washi Tape (30mm) - Lotus - Endless Exclusive (2023)


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The lotus flower symbolizes purity, strength, resilience, and rebirth. This is due to its different life cycle. With its roots clinging on to mud, the flower submerges under the water each night and blooms again in the morning, sparklingly clean. Its seeds also remain viable for a very long time, some for hundreds of years. The lotus is a good reminder that we can flourish and be resilient in the face of adversity. Often used as a symbol for spirituality, the lotus also reminds us to create a sanctuary within ourselves to retreat in and be at peace. Journaling and sketching is my way to create this sanctuary and I hope that these tools help you feel serenity.

— Sarah of @katlynsnest

This exquisite art-inspired Japanese washi tape invites floral elegance into your everyday life. Created by Sarah of @katlynsnest, its 30mm width is elevated by a lotus-themed background and words of affirmation, lending a touch of sophistication and luxury to your décor or craft project.

- Type: Washi Tape
- Width: 30mm


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