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LAMY Multi-System Pen - st 3-in-1 BlackLAMY Multi-System Pen - st 3-in-1 Black
In stockLAMY Multi-System Pen - st 3-in-1 Black
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Multi-System Pens

Wonder what might be the best option if you need a lot of writing instruments but you only have space or an option to buy one? Avoid getting stuck in this dilemma by getting yourself a multi-system pen. It is a convenient writing device to solve your writing woes.

It is the best writing companion for someone who is versatile and needs several tools in one go.


The Power of All-in-One

The diversity of a multi-system pen will surely capture your attention. From its components to its features, you are truly getting the ultimate all-in-one pen. It allows several functions, and it is both timeless and modern. Who would not appreciate an all-rounder pen at any day and age? It is essential.


Truly More Than a Pen

What makes a multi-system pen is its separate components in one sturdy body. It can be a combination of pen, pencil and eraser, or three different colors of ballpoint pen. The basic kind is a two-way pen while most options are three-in-one. These options are considered, it depends on the brand and model, as writers and artists can also find a large range of capacities for multi-system pens.

Thinking of it, if you are not familiar, you might wonder what a multi-system pen would be like. It’s more common than you think. You can find both chunky and slim multi-system pens. These are made of excellent materials with a combination of mechanism that allows for refills and customization.

What is more exciting about this type of pen, is that there are options that are cross-brand compatible! This truly expands its capability and your options depending on your taste and need.

It works via its mechanism that can either be twist-action, push or multi-ways. The materials used for it also depends on the brands that offer them like Kaweco, LAMY, and Sailor. You can find them made of high-grade resin, study plastic, stainless steel and even brass.


Buy a Multi-system Pen!

Its price range may be a bit more expensive than other types of pens such as the standard variations of fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens but it is definitely worth it.
See all available multi-system pens here at EndlessPens. They come in different colors and different accents that would best suit your personality and needs.