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LOCHBY loosely translates to “Lake Town,” which is a nod to the founder's hometown of Minneapolis, MN, the City of Lakes.


LOCHBY makes premium notebooks and accessories that last a lifetime, and then some. Its goal is to help others in their productive and creative practices.

Chris Elfering, the founder of Lochby, had 6 years in the Army and had a travel bag company. He had this business running, designing, and providing quality-made pouches and small bags among several other travel-friendly carriers until he found his way back to writing and drawing through fountain pens. As he relieves the fun in creating, he also wanted to improve the experience of using fountain pens by solving the problems fountain pen users usually deal with. Thus, found a new direction to take for his company that brought an episode of realignment and rebranding that later introduced Lochby.

What he did with his earlier travel bag company, he incorporated in Lochby and more.

Now the brand offers pouches, wallets, and pen cases. The materials used in these products are waxed and abrasion resistant fabrics, where designs may come in with tough and reliable zippers, aircraft-grade aluminum hooks and an overall finish using double stitching and bartacking. Each piece is made to endure stress from wear and tear.

Lochby understands that the integrity of materials is important to support function and purpose. Lochby’s pride is providing the customers’ needs and making products that can survive and be passed from one generation to the next. More than selling the product, Lochby is about integrating in our customers’ daily lives from beginning to a lifetime.

Aside from the premium notebook covers and daily organizers, Lochby also offers journals and journal refills. In Chris' journey to have the best fountain pen experience, he also found Tomoe River paper. These are thin but pen-friendly paper that is considered to be one of the highest quality papers available. This paper ensures that although a page is light, you will not experience feathering and bleeding through. The performance and feel are absolutely stunning.

So why not shop for Lochby products? More than a luxurious experience, Lochby empowers individuals to create by providing premium materials. Find our best-selling Field Journal, Tool Roll and more!