TWSBI Precision Mechanical Pencil

When the brand TWSBI comes to mind, we think of fountain pens with good value for money. Depending on the series, the pens can range from functional, workaday types like the TWSBI Go or TWSBI Eco, to the more upscale Vac700R or Vac Mini. The Precision mechanical pencil is another notch in TWSBI’s belt of competitive offerings.

The Precision 0.5mm pencil comes in a black or matte silver finish, with either a fixed or retractable pipe. It is housed in a sturdy, frosted plastic case with foam cushioning; along with lead and eraser refills in separate containers. The pencil itself weighs 27 grams, measures about 14 cm long, and is 8-9 mm wide depending on the area. It features a faceted, hexagonal body and a knurled grip. The inner tubing and outer body are made of metal. It sports a metal clip with the TWSBI branding and log, while the pencil’s name and lead size is printed on one of the facets. The lead is loaded into the inner tube by first removing the knock cap and inner eraser.

Upon receiving this pencil for review, what struck me first was how weighty it was. Being used to plastic or woodcase mechanical pencils, the heft of the Precision was a surprise for me. As I started sketching with it, however, I discovered how well-balanced it was in my hand. With a ridged, knurled grip that was effective yet unobtrusive, an hour-long drawing session flew by. Another quality feature was the eraser. Its length and usability, as well as the included refills, are welcome additions to any pencil. Having the choice of a fixed or retractable pipe at the same price is an extra that I like as well.

There are some features of the TWSBI Precision that might not be universally appealing. One is the clip. I like how simple and sturdy it is, but its hardiness might be an issue when it comes to possible snagging on clothing or cases. Another is the stock lead. It is unlabeled, although its lightness points to a possible HB graphite grading. Be that as it may, I appreciate the included refills; and having the more popular 0.5 mm size makes it easier to adapt to my lead preferences.

All in all, if you love mechanical pencils, or are looking to try one, the TWSBI Precision is a good choice for the price. It is well-made, utilising durable materials. It feels great in the hand, and works quite well. The overall design of the Precision denotes an industrial, understated aesthetic that provides the experience and solidity of a professional-grade drafting pencil. 



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