3 Fountain Pen Holiday Gift Ideas from EndlessPens

2020 sure felt like a long year. But the holidays are still here! For penthusiasts, new and old alike, getting fountain pen treats beats all other ideas for Christmas gifts.


EndlessPens recently released curated  sets for different types of fountain pen users, perfect if you’re buying for yourself or someone else. Here are three of our favorites from the eight sets.


White Christmas

Why get one pen when you can get three of the best entry-level fountain pens? This set evokes winter’s snow with the Pilot Metropolitan Silver (Fine), TWSBI GO Clear (Fine), and LAMY Safari White (Extra Fine). Buy this set for $54.99


Write More

This bundle gifts you the complete pen, ink, and paper combination. The Pelikan M215 Classic Rings Fountain Pen (Medium) comes with two Waterman Ink Bottles (Mysterious Blue and Intense) that you can immediately use on a Black LAMY Softcover A5 Black Notebook. For $119.99, you can easily help anyone get into a hobby with this set.



Not only do you get the LAMY Studio Glacier in three ways (fountain pen in fine nib, rollerball, and ballpoint), you also get Philippine-made Shibui 3-Pen Case Saddle Brown! If you want to give someone pens, but are not sure if the person will immediately like fountain pens, this is a great idea for $139.99


There are more gift sets on EndlessPens! Why not give them a look?



Written by Pen Noob
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