Crafted with Care: Handmade Gift Tags using Fountain Pens and Inks

It’s that time of the year once more; when we offer gifts to our friends and family in celebration of the Christmas spirit. During these more challenging times, sharing something we made ourselves seems more precious and meaningful. Handmade gift tags, which are usually considered merely an accessory, can make any present more personal and unique.


We can use what we have on hand; and for fountain-pen people, this means our pens, inks, and papers. Here are some of the basics for this project; additional materials or embellishments are optional:


Fountain pens and inks — Pens with flex or italic nibs are great for calligraphy, but aren’t necessary. You could do faux calligraphy with any nib, or go with your own handwriting. With inks, you can use the traditional green and red, or minimalist black. Inks with sheen and/or shimmer are good for that extra bling.


Paper — Gift tags come in all shapes and sizes; and you can tailor your own to your preferences. For this project, I’m cutting my paper into approximately 5-6 x 9 cm cards. You should test your paper first if it works well with your pens and inks.


Scissors or cutter, and ruler — If you’re planning on using a cutter, use a metal ruler for guidance. A paper trimmer or cutting board can also be used. Always practice safety with sharp objects, especially when making this project with children.


Puncher — You can also use another tool for making holes in your cards, like an awl, cutter, or art knife. 


Ribbon, yarn, or string — A Christmas-themed ribbon or yarn is classic. Jute or hemp string adds a rustic, natural touch to your tags. Even kitchen twine or thick sewing thread can be used.


Other materials — There are SO MANY possibilities. You can use these to accessorize your gift tags, or opt for a more simple style.




For ideas on what to write, or what design to put on paper, here are a few examples:

A lot of inspiration can also be found online. Just choose a style you like, and make it your own. You can make this project as simple or intricate as you want. Also, remember that your work need not be perfect; as what’s important is that you made it yourself. Feel free to unleash that creativity to spread your own holiday cheer.



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