Top 13 Fountain Pens of January from EndlessPens

January | Top 13 Fountain Pen Recommendations from EndlessPens

So nears the end of the first month of the year 2022. One may now be thinking of gifting a celebratory piece of writing material for oneself or even giving it to a special someone. How to choose the perfect fountain pen, you may ask? Your choice in a pen depends on nib sizes, primary use, design, among other variables. Nib sizes largely depend on what the pen will be used for — different folks, different strokes. Aesthetic-wise, there is a wide collection of pens that can suit all types of styles — sporty, elegant, fashionable — you name it, a fountain pen out there has it.


To help build your collection, here are EndlessPens’ Top 10 Fountain Pen Recommendations for January.


Fountain Pens for Beginners

Fountain Pens for Beginners

LAMY Safari

LAMY Safari Fountain Pen

For beginners, the LAMY Safari is one of the best options out there. Its tripod ergonomic grip helps you glide your way through paper, making your transition from ballpoints to fountain pens smoother. Its sturdy yet light body makes a very good companion for everyday writing. It’s quite affordable too!


Pilot Metropolitan

Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen

The Pilot Metropolitan is also a good choice for would-be collectors. It’s one of the most affordable units in the market that sports a classic look with its sleek yet robust brass body. Writing with it is delightful because of its Japanese craftsmanship. Those who prefer thinner lines for minute details, take note.


Kaweco Perkeo

Kaweco Perkeo Fountain Pen

If you’re up for something with a pop of color, we recommend the Kaweco Perkeo. Like the LAMY Safari, the body of the Perkeo is also made of durable plastic, but sports a clipless and octagonal cap as well as an 16-edged barrel to prevent any unwanted accidents (i.e. your pen rolling off the table). The range of colors and its affordability would suit any mood at a lower cost.


Fountain Pens for Students

Fountain Pens for Students


TWSBI Eco White Fountain Pen

Students, these pens were made for you! The TWSBI ECO White has a high ink capacity for writing notes and revisions, and refilling them is a walk in the park. It's a decent introduction to piston fillers, and the best part? You wouldn't have to break the bank.


Kaweco Sport

Kaweco Skyline Sport Fountain Pen Kaweco Frosted Sport Fountain Pen


The Kaweco Skyline Sport and the Kaweco Frosted Sport series are two pocket-sized pens that are perfect for anyone on-the-go. With many colors to choose from, it’s a great addition to any collection. It does have a smaller ink capacity, but that’s no problem for those who like changing inks often.



Fountain Pens for Minimalists

Fountain Pens for Minimalists

For the minimalists out there, we recommend these three pens for your collection. Minimalism is an aesthetic style characterized by simple and pure forms. In fountain pens, they are elegant and classic masterpieces void of loud colors that fit perfectly in your hand.


LAMY Studio

LAMY Studio All Black Fountain Pen

The LAMY Studio All Black is a beautiful all-black matte pen. Its sleek design fits comfortably in your hand and has a converter/cartridge filling system that is easy to clean. If in case the converter breaks, you can replace it easily in your own home (unlike built-in systems).


Pelikan M205 Classic

Pelikan M205 Classic Fountain Pen

Another pen for the collection is the Pelikan M205 Classic. As its name suggests, it has a classic design with a neat silver trim that stands the test of time. It’s easy to fill and clean, with a high ink capacity that allows you to write more. Pelikan is one of the most reputable makers of high-end fountain pens in the market.


Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini Basic

Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini Basic Fountain Pen

The last in our minimalist list is the Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mini Basic. This pocket-sized beauty has gold trimmings in a design that imbibes class and simplicity. The Fine 14K Gold nib on this pen takes nib craftsmanship a step further and is wonderful for fountain pen users who enjoy a subtle pencil-like feedback.


Show-Stopping Fountain Pens: EndlessPens Exclusive Editions

Show-Stopping Fountain Pens: EndlessPens Exclusive Editions

The pièce de résistance of this list are the limited edition EndlessPens exclusives Fushimi Inari Taisha and the Vaadhoo Sea of Stars produced by the Tailored Pen Company, and designed by @micahfinds.


Fushimi Inari Taisha | Tailored Pen Company

Fushimi Inari Taisha Fountain Pen

Fushimi Inari Taisha was inspired by the iconic Shinto Shrine in Kyoto, Japan which is dedicated to Inari, the God of Rice. The bright vermilion and black swirls are akin to the Torii gates that line the pathway leading into the forest of Mt. Inari, while the jumping fox engraved on the nib symbolizes the messengers of Inari-sama.


Vaadhoo Sea of Stars | Tailored Pen Company

Vaadhoo Sea of Stars Fountain Pen

The Vaadhoo Sea of Stars brings you to the Maldives. The dark blue hue looks like the waves of the ocean under a sky full of stars, and magic awaits when night falls — a subtle glow that mimics the bioluminescent algae of its namesake. The nib is engraved with a wave that completes your journey to the sea.


Fountain Pens for Professionals

Fountain Pens for Professionals

Finally, professionals and seasoned fountain pen collectors are bound to have these pens in their arsenal. The Graf Von Faber-Castell Classic, Parker Duofold Prestige Chevron Centennial, and the Sailor 1911 KOP are three must-haves for any collection.


Graf Von Faber-Castell Classic Collection

Graf Von Faber-Castell Classic Fountain Pen

The Graf Von Faber-Castell Classic collection features an academe-inspired design of wood and platinum-plated surfaces. The barrel itself is ribbed, but you can see the intricate yet smooth grain pattern which gives it a warm yet luxurious feel. The nib is handmade bicolor 18K Gold with an Iridium tip.


Parker Duofold Prestige Chevron Centennial

Parker Duofold Prestige Chevron Centennial Fountain Pen

Second is the Parker Duofold Prestige Chevron Centennial. Duofold pens from Parker are the symbol of excellence that exemplifies their commitment to superior craftsmanship. Their 18k Gold nib is tantamount to the sophisticated design of the pen. Not only does it look exquisite, but the writing experience is one to remember.


Sailor 1911 KOP

Sailor 1911 KOP Fountain Pen

Last, but not least, is the Sailor 1911 KOP. KOP stands for “King of Pens”, and this pen definitely fits the bill. Sailor technology and experience of over 100 years brought into existence this line of pens that not only look professional, but also provide top-notch writing quality. The absolute gem of this pen is its 21K solid gold nib with Rhodium plating that is the envy of all other pens in the market.


Don’t Forget the Ink!


Diamine Inks

Diamine Ink Bottles

What pen is complete without ink? Diamine Ink offers one of the widest ranges of colors in the market at affordable prices. Standard, shimmer, dark, light, wide array of hues, Diamine could be for you. Select inks come in 30-40-50-80mL bottles.



So there we have it, the Top 10 Fountain Pen Recommendations of January. Have you found the pen to start your collection with? Have you found one that suits your needs? If not, that’s okay. Sometimes the best teacher is trial and error. The fountain pen universe is vast, and surely you would be able to find what you were looking for. Sometimes, it even finds you.


It is worthy to note that Fountain Pen Collecting does have its seasons. Not just personally, but market-wise as well. It would be good to immerse yourself in the whole process. You don’t have to stick with what you already have. Who knows? You may even surprise yourself and reach for a pen you never thought you’d like! You may even find your Holy Grail! But more on that — next time.



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