Ready, Set... Black Friday!

Black Friday, coming right on the heels of Thanksgiving, is that one major opportunity towards the end of the year to complete your Christmas gifts list. Thanksgiving is the holiday to historically mark the culmination of harvest season and the coming together of friends and family. Traditionally, after the heartwarming reunion with your loved ones and having partaken of the delectable roast turkey, bread stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie, you are fortified enough to take part in the fierce and hectic event that is Black Friday.


Did You Know?

The more popular connotation of “Black Friday” was adopted from the phrase coined by policemen in Philadelphia in the 1860s. It was an apt description for the pandemonium that followed when an exodus of tourists from the suburbs flocked to the city for some serious holiday shopping, and during particular years, to watch the Army-Navy football games on Saturday. The surge in volume of people caused heavy traffic, and a spike in accidents and crime. It was taxing on local law enforcement, as they had to work longer shifts than normal just to deal with these situations.

Black Friday sirens

During the 1980s, Black Friday began to be recognized as a symbol for the rise in retail sales when merchants instituted the red-to-black campaign. They adapted the “black” to signify recovery from financial losses, which was termed “in the red”. This was noted in their accounting books after Thanksgiving. They encouraged this initiative and boosted their profits by holding store-wide to nationwide sales with huge discounts to motivate shoppers to buy.

Black is the new Red

Since then, Black Friday has become a public tradition, one of the last few chances to avail of great deals for consumers, and for merchants to offer their goods at very attractive prices.


Are You Ready?

To help you celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday in style, EndlessPens has curated the nicest treats for your holiday shopping pleasure. These gift sets have been carefully considered and are sure to bring joy this coming Christmas season. With Black Friday prices, these possible presents are your must-haves for penabling a loved one or recognizing someone who’s on your Nice list.


Presenting… Santa’s Gift Boxes, courtesy of EndlessPens:


#1 — Santa’s Stocking Stuffers

This is an EndlessPens Mystery Gift Box, tailored for the gift-giver with a sense of adventure. It holds 2-4 surprise gifts that can be shared to add that special element or two to someone’s Christmas stocking. It is that kind of Christmas candy that gives joy beyond the expiration date.

Santa's Stocking Stuffers


#2 — Santa’s Stocking Stuffers Deluxe

This is another EndlessPens Mystery Gift Box, for adventurous surprises times SIX! This one would be great for penabling two people or more. And maybe, you could keep some for yourself?

Santa's Stocking Stuffers Deluxe


#3 — Santa’s Three Christmas Trees

Third in the EndlessPens Mystery Gift Box series handpicked to amaze and delight, this one pays homage to the well-loved, classic Christmas tale that is known all over the world. With SIX mystery items, your chosen recipient will have enough for a solid, themed collection. You can also opt to distribute the joy to others as well. Share the vitality that fountain pens can offer, the more, the merrier.

Santa’s Three Christmas Trees


#4 — Santa’s Cocktails and Candy Canes

This choice is perfect for ink lovers. With the 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar and two Opus 88 Demonstrators in coordinated colors, the lucky recipient will have the chance to experience a beautiful ink selection of 25 luxurious shades, along with two high-capacity fountain pens known for their excellent quality and performance.

Santa’s Cocktails and Candy Canes


#5 — Santa’s Snowball Party

When you desire to share the gift of a magical experience, this minimalist and elegant package of two is an exemplary choice. The Pelikan M405 Souverän Silver-White is known for its superior craftsmanship and trusted reliability. Combined with Diamine Blue Pearl Shimmer ink, this pen and ink duo brings to your desk the lasting enchantment of a sparkling winter wonderland.

Santa’s Snowball Party


#6 — Santa’s December To Remember

This all-in-one set will surely knock anyone’s Christmas socks off! Complete unto itself, it contains the 2021 Diamine Inkvent Calendar and a Pelikan P200 Classic fountain pen, on top of a selection of Lamy writing instruments, namely the Lamy 2000 Black Makrolon fountain pen and mechanical pencil, Lamy 2000 Stainless Steel fountain pen, and a Lamy Softcover Notebook to seal the deal. The stylishly stark aesthetics of the pens and notebook against the multi-colored vibrancy of the inks is a pleasing study in contrast that does a pen-and-ink enthusiast’s heart good.

Santa’s December To Remember


#7 — Santa’s Naughty and Nice

With this set, you get to play Santa, bestowing just desserts on both the good and the bad. There are two options for this selection, and you can pick the one that best suits the recipient. Each Aurora Caleidoscopio fountain pen and ballpoint pen body is made from hand-turned and -polished Auroloide, in chatoyant, marbled patterns that truly represent the name of the series. These pens will definitely add a touch of elegance and charm to anyone’s pen collection.

Santa’s Naughty and Nice


With any of EndlessPens’ Santa’s Gift Boxes, you can spread cheer and goodwill to your friends and family. If you are running out of gift ideas, take advantage of these Black Friday deals and grab yourself a few of these marvelous gift sets, to keep or to share, it is happily up to you.


Happy Black Friday!



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