Leveling Up : The Progear Slim Demonstrator

The Progear Slim, or Sapporo, is Sailor’s gateway pen to the gold-nibbed experience. This line is one of the most popular and affordable options among the 14K Sailors. It is a compact pen, weighing 18 grams; and measuring approximately 12 cms capped, 11 cms unposted / 12 cms posted, and 1 cm in diameter. It has a proprietary cartridge/converter filling system, with 0.9/0.5 ml capacity. The cap and body are made of PMMA resin, with nickel-chrome accents. There is a single center band which reads “Sailor Japan Founded 1911”. The finials are flat-topped, with the iconic inlaid anchor logo on the cap finial. The nib is rhodium-plated 14K gold, embellished with Sailor’s classic logos and signature scrollwork.


This pen’s design makes it an ideal everyday-carry. With its handy size, it is the quintessential  companion to my daily journal. I’ve used this pen both posted and not, and it feels well-balanced to me either way. Smaller hands though might prefer the cap off for a better fit. There is a gentle taper to the grip, and the threads are subtle enough that a long writing session was a pleasant experience. The resin used is lightweight, yet there is a certain heft to the pen that points to sturdy construction. The cap twists on securely, with a clip that is understated yet solid. The only thing that might be considered a drawback would be the small capacity of the proprietary converter: but for someone like me who loves trying out and changing inks, this is not an issue.

The pen works well out of the box, with that pencil-like feedback that Sailor fine nibs are known for. I prefer this, as that tactile sensation of the nib dancing on paper is like having a mindful dialogue with my pen. The deeply-etched, intricate details on the nib are another plus for me, and feel like a testament to the quality of care put in the making of the pen.The fine nib lays down a moderately wet Japanese fine line.

The Clear Demonstrator model I’ve tried is aesthetically pleasing in a minimalist and classic way. However, it is but one in the myriad choices available in the Progear Slim series. The whole line has numerous iterations designed as homage to the four seasons, celestial bodies, and Japanese fairy tales, to name a few. In addition, there are special and limited editions released yearly that would make any pen collector’s heart sing. With so much variety coupled with Sailor’s high standard of quality, it is no wonder that the Progear Slim series is a popular choice among those within the same price range.





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