Fountain Pen Filling Systems

There are various methods to fill your fountain pen. A feature unique to fountain pens is the amount of influence filling systems have on the design, price, and status of different models.

The mechanics of filling a fountain pen have evolved alongside the requirements of various periods, and so today, there are many viable options when filling your fountain pen.



The most common filling system in modern fountain pens is the cartridge/converter.

Traditionally, fountain pens were sold alongside ink pots to fill their nibs for writing purposes, but the advancement of technology has popularized the cartridge design, which consists of a tube containing ink placed inside the pen's body.

Alternatively, a cartridge pen can be altered to use bottled ink through a converter. Some cartridge/converter fountain pens are proprietary, and only allow the use of cartridges & converters of the same brand.

This filling mechanism provides you with convenience and portability without having to carry around extra accessories.

Pilot Fountain Pen - Prera



If you are looking for a more authentic fountain pen experience and are willing to compromise on portability, you can opt for a piston-filling fountain pen.

This system is quite similar to a converter, except that the filling system is built into the fountain pen, essentially making the entire pen one large converter. The barrel of the pen contains a large cavity where the ink is stored.

Much like converters, piston-fillers require you to utilize ink bottles, with the added benefit of carrying a considerable amount of ink inside the fountain pen.

Pelikan Fountain Pen - M205 Classic



This filling system is similar to a syringe, as it builds up pressure within the pen's body and uses a plunger to force ink inside.

This filling system gets its name from the 'vacuum' created inside the body to fill up the pen. This filling system is rare and requires a fountain pen especially designed to accommodate this feature.

One of the best things about this system is that it makes filling your pen something to look forward to, but at the risk of some leakage.

TWSBI Fountain Pen - Vac Mini Smoke



You can also fill your fountain pen using an eyedropper. An eyedropper will allow you to determine the exact amount of ink you want inside your pen, and its design is similar to that of a pen with a piston filling system.

An eyedropper-filling fountain pen has the added benefit of enabling you to fill the entire body of the pen with ink, increasing its capacity as compared to other filling systems.

Fine Writing International Fountain Pen - The Planets Jupiter


For fountain pen enthusiasts, there are numerous options to explore when it comes to filling systems. 

Filling up your pen is seen as an integral part of the fountain pen experience. The variety of filling systems available can allow you to choose one that is most suited to your specific needs and preferences.

What are you waiting for? Get writing today!


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