Mothers: Journal for Self-Care & Journal Prompts to Get Started on Mother's Day

“A mother's happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future but reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.”
- Honore de Balzac

One of the most important celebrations is here once again to give thanks to the nurturing people in our lives. This is a special day to show our mothers how much we appreciate them, and to reflect back in extraordinary ways the love and care they have given us.


On A Personal Note

As a mother, I have discovered that to fulfill this vocation through all the million little things, I also needed to take care of myself. This was not a sudden insight though. At first, I was caught up in the multiplicity of it all. Being a mom truly is a full-time and lifelong commitment. Oftentimes I found myself buried under all the hats I needed to wear. The mounting stress sometimes took its toll until it spilled over onto my family. I became snappish, to say the least. 

Mother on her laptop, with a baby and his pacifier

Eventually (and thankfully), I found ways to make time and claim space for myself, even for a while. I started incorporating different self-care practices into my daily routine. Self-care activities meant those personal rituals that I have specifically chosen to nurture me and help me grow. Practices meant that I deliberately made time and developed these into habits that worked especially for me. 


A Self-Care Practice To Start

For this Mother’s Day, I encourage mothers to honor themselves by discovering their own self-care routines that help them refill that giving cup. One suggestion that has proven effective for me is this — journaling with a fountain pen. This mindful habit became one of my favorite me time pursuits. It combined my love for writing with my preference for introspection. 

Journaling and tea as a self-care ritual

Journaling as a self-care activity specifically for mothers offers a variety of benefits. Aside from being an easily customizable and handy way of making time for yourself, it offers multiple benefits related to physiologic and mental health.


Different Ways Of Journaling

There are several journaling techniques that you can try. In reality, there is no hard and fast rule — you can select a method that works for you or combine several techniques depending on your mood. I have tried a few, and I appreciate the flexibility of the general process. Here are some of the common ones —



This is usually done on a journal with blank or lined pages. You are free to write anything you want. Think of this as your own private place to de-stress, to vent, and make sense of your thoughts and emotions. This one is a personal favorite of mine as it allows for loose, expressive journaling with my fountain pens.


One Line A Day

On the other hand, the expansive blank page could be daunting for some. This would be a good way to start the habit. Also, for those of us moms who are sometimes too busy to sit down and journal extensively, this method might be more sustainable.



This is more structured, with a specific system of writing down your tasks, notes, etc. A dotted journal is recommended for this, for ease in laying out the particular sections and specific symbols used for this method.



This is a focused way of journaling that has been shown to boost mood. One practical tip is to be specific with what you are thankful for, such as a particular moment or an encounter with a person.


Sketch or Visual

Frequently done on a blank journal with special paper, this method also encourages creativity. You can draw, paint, or doodle your thoughts and complement these with written words. This is a particular preference of mine, as it lets me play with my fountain pen inks more.



This one serves as a creative tracker for your goals. Any kind of journal will do. You set down your goals, paste pictures or cut-outs, and write down any inspirational quotes and plans that would help you realize your vision. A page or two is commonly allotted for each entry.

An empty, lined journal, with a black cover


Journaling Prompts for Moms

A guided journal is another tool for self-care that encourages reflection and builds self-awareness. It also lessens the pressure of having to come up with something to write about. The questions per entry are usually tied to a specific theme — healthy living, personal growth, or faith, for example.


Here is a mix of prompts to get you started —

Mom's One-A-Day Journal Prompt for 12 Days

These are just a few examples of the kind of questions that can inspire you to keep a journal and nurture yourself. What is essential is that you develop a habit that gives you time and space to unwind, be more mindful, and care for yourself.


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I hope on this special day, let us all remember to value our mothers and the impact that they’ve had on our lives. A joyful mom lights up her home much brighter.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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