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September Has Never Been Better!

September is just a few months away until the end of the year but it’s just as exciting. What’s better than one celebration? Make it two and it’s a party! We’re in for a fantastic note as September is the month for two musical occasions. This is both the Classical Music Month and the National Piano Month. So, let’s take a beat and understand the significance of each.

This month is no lull. Let’s pick a record, wipe our long playing or CD players as EndlessPens share the origin of each event and the interesting tidbits we can pick up that makes September inspiring.


Relive Classical Music and celebrate!

Music has always been celebrated and enjoyed by scores of people since the dawn of time. Although Classical Music has reached its peak, it was never forgotten nor ever out of fashion. It is art and it has stayed. It influenced culture, lifestyles, and the evolution of music styles as well as new genres. As special as it is, it was in 1994 that President Clinton proclaimed Classical Music Month. The proclamation states:


“Classical music is a celebration of artistic excellence…This month we exalt the many talented composers, conductors, and musicians who bring classical music to our ears. Whether in new American works or in the masterpieces of the great composers of old, music is a unifying force in our world, bringing people together across vast cultural and geographical divisions. Classical music speaks both to the mind and to the heart, giving us something to think about as well as to experience.”

What’s very interesting about this particular type of music is how different it is from today’s sound and standards. The instruments and discipline involved were different, but it is what sparked the genius of new music. Classical Music itself evolved over different periods in time.


  • It started during the Medieval times originating from church hymns and inspired by religion.
  • It was then explored further during the Renaissance where new ideas gave birth to instrumental music.
  • Through the Baroque period it became more ornate, giving birth to advancements in instruments and development of concertos, cantata, oratorio, and sonatas.
  • This was followed by the Classical Era where focus on melody and dynamics were more important.
  • By the end of this period, the Romantic Era opened up to greater expression and emotion. This paved for the growth of the orchestra and further expansion of music and musical instruments.


Since then, it has been enjoyed in a number of ways such as organizing a toast and a concert, holding music festivals, and organizing simple celebrations or even just playing a classical piece. There may be many, and they all vary but surely, it has brought forth new art music traditions.


Enjoy the National Piano Month!

It does make perfect sense then that at the same time, we can also celebrate the National Piano Month! Declared actually a few years earlier, this holiday started in 1991 when it was initiated by the National Piano Foundation.

Being one of the most important parts of music since the late 18th century, the piano is dubbed the “King of Instruments”. But before it came to fame, the piano wasn't so popular in the beginning. 


It was invented around 1655 and it has transformed throughout time. From the most common upright pianos to the majestic grand pianos. Hitting the keys causes a small hammer to hit the strings within, creating a vibration that transmits the sound. Several decades later, it became a dominant instrument through middle class and upper-class households and became the favorite instrument of composers, performers, and music lovers. Over time it moved out from simply being a source of home entertainment to becoming larger and more prominent in tours and concerts. Eventually, it became an important part of childhood education in many parts of the world. Its role in music is no less significant as it made waves throughout the classics, jazz, rock, popular culture and even hip-hop. To date, we now have electric pianos available featuring more tones and versatility.


Taking our interest and inspiration from music, EndlessPens is eager to present noteworthy products inspired by these two wonderful occasions.


Find your melody through EndlessPens

Improve your music or collect the perfect memento. Learn more about these wonderful products available on our website.


Diamine Collectors Set - Music Edition from EndlessPens Online Pen Store

Diamine Collectors Set - Music Edition

Diamine Collectors Set - Music Edition

Be thrilled with this collector’s set based on famous music composers. The box includes ten 30ml glass bottles of ink with brand new colors under the names of musical marvels such as Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Handel, Mozart, Schubert, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi, and Wagner. The box itself is a special royal blue gift box with the Diamine logo on the outside of the lid and a treble clef on the inside of the lid.  embossed with a gold foil.


LAMY Rollerball Pen - Scala Piano Black from EndlessPens Online Pen Store

LAMY Rollerball Pen - Scala Piano Black

LAMY Rollerball Pen - Scala Piano Black

This is a writing instrument that’s simple but well-designed. Its sophistication is deliberate, avoiding excess materials to ensure perfect application is achieved. This rollerball pen is available in matte black lacquer finish or shiny polished black lacquer finish. It comes with a black LAMY M 63 M refill and closed by a snap cap.


LAMY Ballpoint Pen Studio Piano Black from EndlessPens Online Pen Store

LAMY Ballpoint Pen - Studio Piano Black

LAMY Ballpoint Pen - Studio Piano Black

This is an elegant pen that features both design and art. The propeller-shaped clip and the twist-action mechanism give the pen an innovative look. This ballpoint pen has a shiny black lacquer finish and is used with a LAMY M 16 refill.


LAMY Fountain Pen - Scala Piano Black from EndlessPens Online Pen Store

LAMY Fountain Pen - Scala Piano Black (Gold Nib)

LAMY Fountain Pen - Scala Piano Black (Gold Nib)

Included in the Scala series that also radiates sophistication and simplicity. The expert craftsmanship of LAMY can also be seen in this fountain pen’s details that makes it an absolute necessity. It is made of stainless steel with a cartridge and Z27 converter filling mechanism. It has a snap cap and 14K gold nib with a sanded black gloss lacquer finish.



Celebrate with EndlessPens!

Draw notes and compose tunes. This melodious month get musical and write with EndlessPens. Browse through our website for more pen selections.



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