For Love of Beauty: New Year, New Hue Fountain Pen Review

A Review of EndlessPens’ 2022 Exclusive Limited Edition Tailored Pen Company and @micahfinds Collaboration New Year, New Hue Fountain Pen

“Of life’s two chief prizes,
Beauty and Truth,
I found the first in a loving heart,
and the second, in a laborer’s hand.”
— Kahlil Gibran

On Love

It is still February, and love, the most sublime and complex of all our emotions, lingers redolently in the air. Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but its essence remains, encouraging us to love and be loved, and embrace any occasion to express it. And when our hearts are touched by love, our minds are more open to noticing beauty in all its forms.


On Beauty and Creativity

Last January, we celebrated the beginning of another cycle around the sun with Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri. It is a periwinkle color created to symbolize these transformative times in which we live. In Keep Calm and Peri On, we expounded on how this color embraced the natural flow of transition and adaptation, from introspective isolation to a renewed curiosity and confidence that helps enliven the creative spirit. It is an intriguing and unusual color, as it captures the stability and serenity of blue interwoven with the dynamic undertones of violet. It speaks of a revitalized love for life and beauty conveyed through imagination, self-expression, and innovation.


The Creators

This ethos behind Very Peri is the inspiration for New Year, New Hue, a fountain pen crafted by Tailored Pen Company, designed with @micahfinds on Instagram, and brought to us by EndlessPens. Tailored Pen Company hails from Kentucky and is known for creating unique writing instruments. As their fountain pens are handcrafted on metal and wood lathes individually, each finished pen is truly one of a kind. With such attention, patience, and skill involved, each fountain pen is transformed into an objet d’art, and a functional thing of beauty. @micahfinds on Instagram has a particular eye for these kinds of things, especially fountain pens. If you take a look at and follow her Instagram, you will realize why New Year, New Hue came to be, and how aptly it reflects her aesthetic and her love for beautiful fountain pens. This special edition pen can only be found on EndlessPens, and its production is limited to only 15 units available worldwide.


The Review

So, SPOILER ALERT… I love this fountain pen. Now let me tell you why…


The Body

New Year New Hue Fountain Pen; Tailored Pen Company and @micahfinds collaboration with EndlessPens

First of all, I am personally drawn to this color. There is something about blue-violets that remind me of the spiritedness that lies just beneath the surface. It calls to mind posies of wildflowers picked on impulse and offered to your betrothed. Second, New Year, New Hue’s glossy resin delightfully scintillates with fine, blue veins of shimmer speckled with larger sparkles of opalescent color. This subdued brilliance flows through the swirls of varying shades of periwinkle, with a sudden, glistening vein of bright mauve that catches the eye. It comes in a streamlined cigar shape that adds to the organic feel of the pen. It is a playfully luxe pen.

The Nib

New Year New Hue Fountain Pen; Tailored Pen Company and @micahfinds collaboration with EndlessPens

It is a #6 stainless steel Bock nib. Intricately engraved with a single burst of fireworks, this nib design is felicitous for a fountain pen dedicated to New Year and fresh starts. It is also symbolic of bringing in good fortune and warding off negative energies. It has a standard cartridge/converter filling system.


New Year New Hue Fountain Pen; Tailored Pen Company and @micahfinds collaboration with EndlessPens

The cap sits flush on the fountain pen barrel, and unscrews in a little over 2 turns. The section has the same design as the barrel, with a slightly contoured grip that is not too slim nor not too wide for me. The fountain pen itself is lightweight, allowing for longer and more comfortable sketching and writing sessions. The EF nib writes smoothly out of the box using Pilot Iroshizuku Juro-jin ink (perfect pairing), and with a gratifying hint of feedback that I prefer. Reverse writing for finer lines, with the nib at an almost 90 degree angle from the paper’s surface, is possible with some pleasant feedback as well. The nib and feed unit unscrews easily to allow for a more thorough cleaning if necessary. As with all fountain pens, I think that the nib is a primary factor that makes or breaks the whole experience, and this New Year, New Hue pen did not disappoint.


Final Words

I love stories and symbols, and I appreciate objects crafted with care and thought towards weaving such elements into the whole design. I think this New Year, New Hue fountain pen is one such object. It is elevated beyond its role as a writing instrument, and transformed by a confluence of features into functional art that works well and enchants each time it is used. If it ticks all your boxes, I hope you will get to try it. It would make a lovely addition to your collection.



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Written by @lekzumali
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