A Closer Look at the EndlessPens 2020 Exclusive FWI Forest Rains

The EndlessPens 2020 exclusive Forest Rains pen is a beautiful, professional-looking fountain pen. It has all the characteristics of being vintage-inspired, including the classic flat top design, the small clip, and the long, slender figure. The pen was made in a limited batch of 100, and it was manufactured by the amazing Taiwanese pen company, Fine Writing International.

Fine Writing International Forest Rains EP Exclusive

The FWI Forest Rains fountain pen came with a #6 size gold plated broad steel Jowo nib. This is the first broad nib I’ve ever gotten on a pen, and, let me tell you, broad nibs are going to become a staple in my collection! This nib lays down a fat, juicy line that perfectly shows shading, sheen, and shimmer. It is one of the smoothest nibs that I have ever experienced, easily gliding across the page without issue. The broad nib, paired with the comfortable, tapering section (my personal favorite section shape), provides for a beautifully luxurious writing experience that is unmatched by any other in my collection.

One thing that came as a pleasant surprise to me about this pen was its size. Simply put, this is not a small pen at all. Capped and inked, it comes in at about 152mm and 23g. Uncapped, it is 134mm and 14g. And finally, posted, it is 175mm. I don’t see anyone ever needing to use this pen posted, though, seeing as it is a big pen on its own. Being as large as it is, I love using the pen for long writing sessions, where I’ll need a big, comfortable pen that is still on the lighter side.

From right-to-left: Forest Rains & LAMY Safari

Another truly amazing thing about this pen, especially considering its light weight, is the fact that it is made to be eyedroppered. To “eyedropper” a pen means to fill the entire body with ink, allowing for a truly insane ink capacity. This FWI fountain pen is no exception! It holds 4mL of ink, when in its intended eyedroppered state. When not being used as an eyedropper-filled pen, it can also be used as a standard international cartridge/converter pen.

Now, let’s talk looks. The FWI Forest Rains EndlessPens exclusive, as stated above, is extremely vintage-inspired. In this case, that’s a really good thing. From the flat top and bottom, the body tapers up, leading the user’s eyes to the well placed, huge ink window. When the pen is inked, it’s so much fun to watch the ink slosh back and forth, filling the ink window, and emptying it back out again. Also, when capped, the ink window is in the direct center of the pen, with a gold band on each end of it. This creates a very pleasing symmetry to the pen. Adding onto the beautiful design is the stunning resin that this pen is made out of. It is made up of various brown tones, with sparkles mixed all throughout. The resin is not swirled, but rather in a pattern reminiscent of a vintage stacked celluloid. I feel that the stacked celluloid-esque resin really tops it all off, giving the pen the perfect amount of vintage flair!

Fine Writing International Forest Rains EP Exclusive

All in all, the Forest Rains exclusive with EndlessPens and FWI has quickly become a favorite pen of mine. I keep reaching for it, even when I have multiple other pens inked. The vintage aesthetic highly appeals to me, and apparently it has appealed to quite a few other people, as I have heard that they’re almost gone! Get one for yourself, while they last. Check out Fine Writing International Fountain Pen Fenestro Series to join the club and get your own EndlessPens exclusive Forest Rains fountain pen!



Written by @palmerspens
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Jo Ellen

WOW. You have outdone yourself. The pictures are well done as usual. This sounds like an outstanding pen.

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