Preparing Your LAMY 2000 for Pen Cleaning Day


Some Folks at EndlessPens

Hey, Charles! Thanks for the input! And we completely agree with the potential loss of small parts. So, for anyone attempting to disassemble the LAMY 2000 for pen cleaning day, do so with the utmost care! While you don’t need to fully disassemble your pens each time you clean them, it is also useful to know how to do so. Especially if one is fond of using inks that have particles in them — such as shimmer inks, and some permanent inks. A full disassembly helps one achieve a more thorough flushing! :)

Charles Trentelman

I’ve seen several posts like this on the web and other pen retailers. I wondered about it, though, and sent a note to Lamy. Their reply is that this sort of disassembly is not only unnecessary but dangerous. Anything other than normal flushing as the directions discuss is not needed.

This makes sense — this is getting ink out of places that it is going to get into again the instant you refill the pen. It being in those places in no way hinders the function of the pen and you take a chance on losing something, or not getting it back together properly.

I bought a Lamy 2000 about 6 months ago and it’s working very nicely with just refilling and a monthly flush. Why chance more?

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