‘Tis The Season: Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones

‘Tis the season for holiday gift buying, and everywhere, shoppers and shopping centers alike are abuzz. Buying gifts for loved ones — whether they are family members, significant others, or friends — can get tricky around the holidays. Some people seem like they have it all, making it challenging to get them presents. Others might be more particular about what they receive during this gift giving time. 


If you’re stuck thinking about what to get for people that matter to you, then try this simple tip: make sure it’s multipurpose. Giving someone a gift that can be used several ways will increase the chances that they will appreciate and actually use it. 


Here are some great gift ideas that you can add to your shopping list this holiday season:


Lochby Tool Roll

If the person you are giving a present to needs help with organizing their things, then a tool roll may be especially helpful. Tool rolls are versatile because they go beyond functioning similarly to a toolbox. You can use the Lochby Tool Roll as a pen roll, Dopp kit, cycling tool kit, watch travel case, makeup roll, artist roll, first aid kit, and more — the options are endless!


When buying something like a tool roll, it is important to ensure that it is sturdy and abrasion resistant to protect what’s inside. Water resistance is not a must-have feature, but it can add another layer of protection for the user’s possessions. Overall, this is an excellent gift for any of your loved ones, whatever hobbies or interests they may have.


Peg and Awl Keeper Pouch

You can never go wrong with zipper pouches when it comes to gift giving. These simple but adaptable bags are made to be flexible and allow you to store or transport small necessities with ease. You can use something like the Peg and Awl Keeper Pouch as a clutch or to further organize your things in a bigger bag. 


Zipper pouches are handled and thrown around a lot, so it’s best to get something that won’t wear out after a few uses. Pouches made of materials like durable leather or canvas are great options. It should also be small enough to be portable but large enough to hold enough things for your daily needs. 


Peg and Awl Waxed Canvas Tote

Bags are great and useful long-term gifts. However, choosing the right one can take some time and thought. You want to ensure that the bag you get for your loved one is made using durable materials. It should also have a practical design with an organized pocket system that can house anything one needs. 


The Waxed Canvas Tote from Peg and Awl is a great pick that is practical enough for daily use. It features sturdy leather handles as well as an adjustable and detachable strap. This bag is large enough to fit a 13-inch laptop but compact enough to take everywhere. It also comes in a beautiful unisex design with classic colors, so you can be sure to pick one that your recipient will like.


Peg and Awl Sendak Artist Roll

You may have someone on your Christmas list who dabbles in art. In this case, an artist roll would be the perfect gift. The Peg and Awl Sendak Artist Roll is just as versatile as a tool roll but with the added benefit of being designed specifically for artists. It can take one from the studio to their favorite coffee shop or even the outdoors — whenever inspiration strikes. 


This artist roll features everything an artist needs. It has 16 pencil-sized pockets and many more inside and outside pockets for various tools and materials. This organizer is also made to be strong and sturdy, using waxed duck canvas, brass rivets, and a steel buckle. With 7 flattering colors to choose from, this makes an excellent gift for any budding artist or even someone who is just looking to get organized. 


Washi Tape

Washi tape is one of the most versatile pieces of stationery that you can have around. It isn’t limited to use on arts and crafts. While you can use it as normal tape that won’t damage surfaces, it can also be used for home decorating, labeling, DIY projects and more. You can even use it for gift wrapping to save on the actual gift wrapper. 


Washi tape is perfect for people who may prefer smaller gifts to large and extravagant ones. It is also a great gift for children since the tape is easy to tear and comes in many designs. Gifts don’t have to be big or expensive to be thoughtful, and a set of good-quality decorative washi counts as a fun and festive stocking stuffer. 


It may be challenging to hide your inner stationery geek and not just penable everybody this holiday season . Choosing multipurpose gifts like the ones we’ve listed will ensure that whoever the recipient is will find many uses for it. And you can be sure that when they look at your gift, they will remember how thoughtful you were this year. 


Happy holidays and happy shopping!



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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