5 Opus 88 Fountain Pens To Add To Your Collection

Many fountain pen users get to a certain point in their journey where they become almost prolific writers. They scribble in journals, compose letters, take notes, and even do poetry using this elegant writing instrument. As such, it becomes important for these fountain pen enthusiasts to have a reliable pen that doesn’t run out of ink easily and delivers a consistently great performance. 


Enter Opus 88 fountain pens and you have just the right combination of having an “ink tank” with a beautiful and practical design. These pens are versatile in the nib department, too, with easily interchangeable units that can customize your pen to suit your writing preferences. Opus 88 doesn’t overwhelm writers with their friendly price tag, either, so it becomes a more accessible brand.


With that said, there are many of their fountain pens you can consider adding to your collection. Here are our top 5 picks:


1. Opus 88 Mini Pocket Fountain Pen

Pocket pens are typically known to suffer from a very limited ink capacity. Most converters are too long for these pens’ compact size. Even when using a converter, you may find yourself running out of ink faster than anticipated. 


The Opus 88 Mini Pocket Fountain Pen is an excellent choice for those who prefer smaller pens on the go but still want a large ink capacity. Since it features an eyedropper ink filling system, it holds much more ink than the standard pocket fountain pen. Opus 88 also features many designs for their pocket fountain pens that you can choose from to fit your style.


2. Opus 88 Fantasia Fountain Pen

One of the best design features of several Opus 88 fountain pens is the shut off valve in their eyedroppers. This allows the writer to control the ink flow when they are using the pen or keeping it capped. The brand’s Fantasia model is one such eyedropper pen which comes in an eye-catching translucent body and colorful cap.


If you’re looking for a good balance of fun and functionality, then this is the Opus 88 fountain pen for you. It looks great and performs well with its German-designed Jowo #5 nib, which writes smoothly with just a tiny bit of flex using enough pressure. You can also choose from a wide range of nib sizes, including EF, F, M, B and Stub 1.4mm.


3. Opus 88 Omar Fountain Pen

Opus 88 is also known for their larger pen designs. Fountain pens like the Omar are made to maximize not only ink capacity but comfort as well. Those who prefer tons of ink in their pens and enjoy writing with a larger pen will enjoy this model. It is easy to write with and holds roughly 3.5ml of ink!


The Omar fountain pen uses a Jowo #6 stainless steel nib that comes in EF, F, M, B and Stub 1.5mm sizes. While this may not be the best “on the go” pen (that’s what the Opus 88 pocket pens are for), it serves as a great desk pen for your daily writing needs. This is why it is often referred to as a “workhorse” pen.


4. Opus 88 Jazz Fountain Pen

If you want a large pen with great ink capacity but prefer a slimmer design, then the Opus 88 Jazz fountain pen is just right. It features rounded finials on the cap and end, forming a nice, classic cigar-shaped pen. Although the shape of the pen is quite traditional, it also comes in some fun colors. 


This is a great pen to use for work settings because of its classic design and writing reliability. As with the other fountain pens on this list, the Jazz has a stainless steel Jowo #6 nib that writes smoothly. The larger nib size also goes well with the pen’s overall look. Those looking for a more subtle-looking pen will enjoy this particular Opus 88 model.


5. Opus 88 Koloro Fountain Pen

Many fountain pens from Opus 88 feature quirky and eye-catching designs. The Koloro is one such pen that color lovers will enjoy adding to their collection. Similar to the other oversized pens on this list, it has room for plenty of ink and features an eyedropper filling system with a shut-off valve to prevent leaks. 


Even though this is a large pen, it doesn’t feel heavy in the hand. Writing with it still feels balanced, even with a barrel full of ink. Writers who prefer pens that aren’t too light or too heavy will appreciate how well-made this pen is. If you’re looking for a solid writer that is dependable and also looks great, then this will be a worthy addition to your collection. 


Whether you need a small and compact fountain pen to take around with you or a reliable everyday workhorse, Opus 88 has many great options to consider. Their pens hold a lot of ink for continuous writing, are fitted with great-quality nibs, and designed well, making them excellent writing instruments.


Happy writing!



Written by EndlessPens Blogger Ramona Kabigting

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