Traveler's Notebook Refills & Accessories - B-Sides & Rarities - Passport Size

Style: Washable Paper
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Collection of unique refills and accessories to pair with your Traveler's notebook!

Washable Paper Refill features a special paper that is made from the same material as laundry tags, which will not disintegrate when washed. We have created the perfect refill insert for outdoor use where rain is a concern, near plants that are watered in gardens, or in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. When adding this refill to your TRAVELER'S notebook, you never have to worry about what will happen if you accidentally leave it in your pocket when doing the laundry!

Message Card Refill features a whole refill of tear-out message cards. Letterpress printing is used to print traveling icons with messages like “Have a nice trip!” on the front and a frame on the back for a customized note. Add this refill to your TRAVELER’S notebook and gift them to people to express gratitude or kind wishes.

Letter Pad uses MD PAPER Cotton containing soft-textured cotton pulp to achieve the best possible comfort when writing.

- Type: Notebook Refills & Accessories
- Size: 89mm x 124mm / 3.5" x 4.88" / 8.9cm x 12.4cm (Passport)
- Compatible with: Traveler's Notebook - Leather - Passport Size

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