EndlessPens Washi Tape - Outdoor Series - Busy Bee Flowers - Endless Exclusive (2022)


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Bees and Flowers was inspired by a local garden I like to visit every now and then, particularly when the flowers are blooming. Last spring, on a short walk at the garden, I stopped by the pond and noticed several bees resting and drinking water, probably resting after a long day of pollinating all the flowers. That memory stuck with me and every time I walk or drive by that garden I remember the bees, and what a beautiful sunny day it was.

I tried to capture that in the Bees and Flowers designs, hoping it will bring a little bit of sunshine to your day, even in the cold winter days!



The Busy Bee series by @doodlesdamari is also available as a fountain pen. Get Mini Pocket Pen Busy Bee to match with your Busy Bee stickers!


- Type: Washi Tape
- Width: 15mm


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