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Sailor Pens

About Sailor Pen Co.

Sailor Pens was founded in 1911. With more than a hundred years of consistent and strong presence, Sailor Pens have been widely recognized for its individuality and authenticity. From the brand’s years of expertise and commitment in the craft, Sailor Pens have developed the technology and numerous popular well-balanced designs that conveys quality and comfort.

These qualities allow for the smooth and natural writing flow that avid enthusiasts and patrons of Sailor Pens enjoy. Using genuine writing instruments made of the best materials provides the best experience and durability that is sure to last a lifetime. Owning a Sailor Pen can go from one generation to the next, delivering the same experience with its resilient and unchanging nature.

Truly, the Sailor brand’s symbol—the anchor, is fitting for this reliable Japanese brand.

Every masterpiece reflects a sense of beauty and simplicity of the unique Sailor Pens Brand.

The Origin of Sailor Pens

Hiroshima, Japan is a historical and significant place in The Land of the Rising Sun and the home of Sailor Pens. It was founded by Kyogoro Sakata who was an engineer at the area’s historic naval port. He was good friends with a British Sailor that gifted him with a fountain pen. He liked this gift so much and it has inspired him to reproduce this writing instrument.

With the fruitful work relationship with legendary Master Nib Designer Nobuyoshi Nagahara, Sailor Fountain Pens line exhibits beautiful and precise instruments with top quality Sailor nibs. Through Nagahara’s dedication and love for the craft, he was able to produce nibs that can adapt to different styles and strokes. This greatly helped establish and cement the popularity that Sailor Pens enjoy today.

Own a Sailor Pen Today!

Get your very own Sailor Pen and experience the quality of finely crafted pens for the best writing experience. Sailor Pen writing instruments work well for either drawing or writing. It is available in different well-balanced designs at different price points so everyone can afford and upgrade, own one or more Sailor Pens!

Currently, aside from fountain pens, the Sailor brand also provides a wide range of ballpoint pens, brush pens, multi-system pens, ink bottles, ink cartridges, ink refills, ink converters, fountain pen maintenance kit and pen cases.

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