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LAMY Fountain Pen - Studio All BlackLAMY Fountain Pen - Studio All Black
LAMY Fountain Pen - Studio All Black
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Pilot Fountain Pen - Sterling Silvern KoushiPilot Fountain Pen - Sterling Silvern Koushi
Pilot Fountain Pen - Sterling Silvern Koushi
$593.50 $680
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Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pens - ShikioriSailor Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen - Shikiori - Dragon Palace
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Sailor Fountain Pen - Pro Gear Slim - Shikiori Japanese Fairy Tale
$220 $275
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Gifts for Collectors

At EndlessPens we understand the demand for rare writing instruments. Whether it is a fountain pen, a rollerball pen, or a ball point, trust Endless. We understand the value of limited-edition items and we do our best to keep them in their perfect condition for avid collectors like you.


How to Shop for Collectibles?

There are many factors as to how a writing tool can be considered a collectible. Aside from the limited collections that are automatically in demand and exclusive to those with means and immediate access, the popularity and market value, design and engineering, relevance and antiquity, are only some of the factors to be considered, but their common denominator is the originality of an item that proves to be more valuable over time.


Beyond What is Limited

Aside from what is considered as a special item immediately from production, mass-produced writing implements can also be more valuable after some time. What is important is to maintain an item’s condition, preserve its history, and years later, it may be worth more.


One of a Kind Finds

We know the thrill of collectors as you hunt for collectible pens. Searching around different pen stores, we highly recommend that you check this page dedicated just for you. This is also the perfect space for those who are seeking to buy something unique and special for an esteemed someone.

At EndlessPens, it’s not only about a special item, you can also find a collector’s set! Don’t be disheartened in case there are posted items already sold out as demand is often high among pen enthusiasts. Check out our other offerings and look out for new postings.


Only the Best Brands

EndlessPens hosts well-known and well-established pen brands that are popular in different parts of the world for their quality and craftsmanship. Shop for collector’s items from LAMY, Montblanc, Montegrappa, Pelikan, Pilot, Sailor, and more.