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I love the rebelliousness of snail mail, and I love anything that can arrive with a postage stamp. There’s something about that person’s breath and hands on the letter.
― Diane Lane


You've Got Mail! - Post Office

During the height of the pandemic, I received a notice that a parcel awaited me at my local post office.


So I went there, bemasked and a little anxious, as it had been a long time since I had ventured out for something other than necessities. But this apprehension was overcome with the desire to receive my gift.


Thankfully, the sparsity of people greeted me. After filling out the requisite form, the postal clerk disappeared into the storage section to locate my parcel. She came back with a smile and handed the much-awaited box to me.


“Next time, you can send me a message to have your parcels delivered straight to your home,” and she gave me a slip of paper with the handwritten numbers of her personal mobile.


A wave of gratitude washed over me along with a flash of relief. I must have been quite enthusiastic with my thanks because she laughed in spite of her tired eyes. And there it was — that human connection that became more precious in that moment in time when the whole world felt lost.

You've Got Mail! - Messenger


Hail the Messengers

Every 1st of July, America celebrates National Postal Workers Day. It is an annual observance that honors the hard work and dedication of postal workers across the country. This special day highlights the vital role they play in delivering mail and packages to millions of homes and businesses every day.


You've Got Mail! - Stamp


This day’s origins can be traced back to the rich legacy of the postal service itself. The United States Postal Service or USPS has a long, storied history dating back to the founding of the nation. Benjamin Franklin was appointed as the first Postmaster General in 1775. Since then, it has been an integral part of American society from its recognition as the official Post Office Department in 1792 after the Postal Service Act was passed.


Founded in 1997 by then-USPS employee Richard E. Baker, this commemorative day was established to recognize the significant contributions of the human aspect of the service. It honors postal workers for the challenges they face, including adverse weather conditions, long hours, and the responsibility of handling sensitive and important mail. It also highlights the efficiency and reliability of the postal system, which connects people and businesses across the nation.


You've Got Mail! - Mailman


Honor Everyday Heroes

In this age dominated by digital communication and speedy delivery services, the humble postal worker often goes unnoticed and underappreciated. However, these dedicated individuals continue to play a vital role in our communities. They bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds in several ways —


1.  Postal workers facilitate the exchange of important legal documents, personal letters, and official correspondence that cannot be sent digitally.


2.  Their services act as a lifeline for those without access to digital means, including the elderly, remote communities, and developing regions.


3.  As consumers increasingly rely on online shopping, postal workers are responsible for the crucial "last mile" delivery — often navigating complex routes and diverse neighborhoods.


4.  They are instrumental in handling cross-border mail and packages, facilitating the international exchange of goods, documents, and cultural artifacts.


5.  They have long been an integral part of local communities, serving as a familiar and trusted presence. They often develop personal relationships with residents — from delivering letters and packages, performing welfare checks on vulnerable individuals, to providing information and assistance during emergencies and natural disasters.


6.  Postal workers adhere to strict protocols to ensure the confidentiality of mail, providing a level of trust that electronic channels cannot always guarantee.


You've Got Mail! - Letters


On this day, let us show appreciation to our local postal workers by expressing gratitude, sending thank-you notes or tokens, or by organizing events to recognize their efforts. We can use our favorite social media platforms to spread awareness and celebrate the hard work of these often unsung heroes.


You've Got Mail! - Letter Writing

In a way, postal workers are like fountain pens — they both hail from a time when human effort was more concrete, necessary, and tangible. And they shall continue to be indispensable as long as we value that kind of connection and consideration.


You've Got Mail! - Writing A Letter


Celebrate Freedom

July is marked by another memorable day. The 4th of July, or Independence Day, is a significant and celebrated holiday in the United States. It commemorates the day when the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776, marking the nation's independence from British rule. This day holds immense historical and cultural importance for Americans — as it serves as a symbol of freedom, democracy, and the birth of a nation.


This day is typically marked with various festivities and traditions. Fireworks illuminate the night sky. Parades, concerts, and barbecues bring communities together. Red, white, and blue color various decorations and patriotic attire. And the air resonates with the sound of the national anthem, patriotic songs, and rousing speeches.


Beyond the festivities, this day serves as a reminder of the values and ideals upon which this country was founded. It honors the resilience, determination, and vision of the Founding Fathers — who envisioned a nation built on liberty, equality, and self-governance. It is also a time to reflect on this society's progress, honor its history, and reaffirm the principles that seek to unite its diverse population.


You've Got Mail! - Fireworks

EndlessPens Welcomes July

We greet this month with a bang!


From June 30 up to July 17, EndlessPens invites you to join our Star-Spangled Pen Party! Dazzling fireworks await you come this July 4th’s celebratory sale, so bring your appetites and join the feast.


Take part in appreciating your postal service as you check out that much-awaited grail fountain pen or ink. And discover how valuable their service truly is. ;)))


Happy National Postal Workers Day!

Happy Independence Day!


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