Vernal Delights: Fountain Pen Inks that Celebrate Spring
“Spring drew on...and a greenness grew over those brown beds, which, freshening daily, suggested the thought that Hope traversed them at night, and left each morning brighter traces of her steps.”
― Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre

There is nothing quite like the first signs of Spring that sing to our spirits to awaken and open our hearts again to promise of renewal. With the kisses of sunlight growing warmer, the new leaves are heartened once more to emerge and tiny buds rejoice in their blooming.

Tiny green spring buds

It is a strange yet fundamental thing, how the coming of this season affects human beings. Our very nature responds to such cyclical change. Even in the midst of personal exhaustion, sadness, or isolation, Spring whispers to us to surrender to bliss. People begin smiling at you, and you smile in return, each person echoing the kindness of the gentle sun. It is Spring that encourages us to become what we were meant to be to each other, and to find common gladness in this Earth that we share. In paying attention to the beauty and vigor of life that Spring has to offer, we open ourselves up to joy.


The Essence of Spring

The word in itself evokes renewal. It speaks of beginning to come into being, to set free, and take that leap. This is the promise of Spring. Its imminent coming helps us look forward to a new possibility, another opportunity to begin. And when it arrives in resplendent color, our senses are brought back to the optimism and resilience of life, of that potential to rise back up, to grow.

The first spring flowers

Spring is hope embodied in nature. As human beings, we are given the capability to recognize how the elements and other living things participate in this positive cycle, and find meaning that encourages towards our own efflorescence.


Spring in Everyday Things

Nature at its best and brightest is what Spring signifies. It is no wonder we find so much inspiration from its exuberance. Our creative minds discover a veritable fount of images, sensations, and emotions called forth by such a dynamic season. It is through our minds, hearts, and hands that we capture the beauty and transience of such liveliness.

Beautiful white flowers

Through writing, we can weave with words the wondrous exhilaration of walking through budding trees given voice by busy birdsong. With sketching, the artist can share an open field festooned with flowers, and the soft exultation of lying down amongst the blooms. Your fountain pen and field journal can be your trusty companions in this journey of exploring Spring in all its glory.


Celebrating Spring with Fountain Pen Inks

Spring, with all its ebullience, is naturally riotous with color. A pageantry of foliage exhibits all the colors of the rainbow in its variety. These nuances of natural hues can likewise be seen in the diversity of fountain pen inks that are now available to us. What better way to celebrate Spring than to write or draw about it in full, vibrant color?


Here are some of the inks from EndlessPens that will help you capture the delights of Spring on paper:



Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Bottle 50ml

Pilot Iroshizuku Ink Bottles | EndlessPens

This ink series is inspired by the lovely scenery of Japan. These well-behaved inks come in minimalist glass bottles and possess nuanced colors that range from lush to subdued. Some of the inks focus on the Fall season, but are also evocative of Spring. Kosumosu, Fuyu-gaki, Momiji, Tsutsuji, and Yu-yake particularly call to mind vibrant blooms in different hues of red and orange, while Ajisai and Murasaki-shikibu represent the blue and violet flowers.


Diamine Ink Bottles 30ml and 80ml

Diamine Green Ink Bottles 30ml | EndlessPensDiamine Green Ink Bottles 80ml | EndlessPens

This ink line is one of the most extensive in its range of colors to choose from. These inks are generally well-behaved and saturated. Choose from the myriad of Greens, Blues, Teals, Purples, Yellows, and Oranges, grouped in these helpful categories. These can represent most elements of Spring, from verdant leaves, clear skies, lush blooms, bright sun, and butterflies.


Robert Oster Ink Bottle 50ml Regular

Robert Oster Green Ink Bottles 50ml | EndlessPensRobert Oster Yellow and Gold Ink Bottles 50ml | EndlessPens

This is another ink line with a wide variety of colors to choose from. The multitude of hues are inspired by the landscape and scenery of Australia in all its natural glory. Like the Diamine line of regular inks, these are grouped into categories by color. Shading and sheening properties are found amongst some of the choices, and would lend some depth and visual interest to your handwriting and drawings. The many colors of Spring are captured within these inks.


Sailor Manyo Ink Bottle 50ml

Sailor Manyo Ink Bottles 1st Release | EndlessPensSailor Manyo Ink Bottles 2nd Release | EndlessPens

This line of vibrant inks are especially apt for celebrating the Spring season. A particular flower or plant is represented by each color of ink. Japanese flora is a frequent subject or component in Japanese poetry. Manyo is derived from “Manyoshu” (“Collection Of A Thousand Leaves”), an ancient and revered compilation of Japanese poetry written by people of all ranks, from royalty to common folk.



Like the enlivening air that Spring brings, let this exciting array of inks in all the colors of growth and blossoming inspire you to take up your fountain pen and paper to create. May you find joy in the process, and revel in the thrill of new beginnings.

As beings of cognition strengthened by intention, we are the guardians who ensure that hope springs eternal.

Bright spring light through the flowers



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