The Magic of Story

Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.
— Hannah Arendt

We craft stories, and our lives are woven with them. Each moment, each emotion and thought, color and shape the words that we take into ourselves and share with others. To tell stories, to embed them into our perspectives, and to transform them through our own outward expressions — these are the gifts we give ourselves.


Celebrating National Tell A Story Day: The Magic of Narrative

In a world where words weave the fabric of our existence, there's a day that honors the art of storytelling like no other — National Tell a Story Day, celebrated every April 27th and created by George Rafeedle in 2009. As we embrace this celebration, we rediscover the profound impact stories have on our lives, transcending time and space, connecting us through shared experiences.


At its heart, storytelling is more than just recounting events, it's the embodiment of our human journey. From ancient tales etched on cave walls to modern narratives on screens, stories serve as bridges between cultures, generations, and hearts. They awaken our imaginations, evoke emotions, and impart timeless wisdom.


On this special day, we pay homage to the storytellers—the dreamers and weavers of words—who gift us the magic of narrative. Through their tales, we embark on adventures to distant lands, traverse the depths of human emotion, and encounter characters who reflect our own struggles and aspirations.


Imagine a world without stories—devoid of myths that explain the mysteries of nature, fables that teach moral lessons, or epic sagas that inspire heroism. Stories ignite our curiosity, foster empathy, and spark conversations that transcend boundaries.


National Tell a Story Day invites us to embrace the power of this worldwide tradition, where tales are shared around campfires, in classrooms, or whispered before bedtime. It's a reminder that storytelling is a living art, evolving with each storyteller's unique voice.


In celebrating this day, we acknowledge the transformative influence stories have on our development. From childhood bedtime favorites that ignite a love for reading to tales of resilience that inspire us to overcome challenges, stories shape our identities and illuminate the human condition.


Moreover, storytelling fosters connection. It knits communities together, allowing us to celebrate diversity and find common ground amid differences. When we share stories, we invite others into our worlds, forging bonds that transcend cultural barriers.


So, on National Tell a Story Day, let us embrace the power of narrative. Whether we're listening to a grandparent's cherished anecdotes, immersing ourselves in a gripping novel, or crafting our own tales, we honor the storyteller within us all.


Let this day be a celebration of imagination, empathy, and the enduring spirit of storytelling. May we continue to pass down stories — like torches lighting the path for future generations, and cherish the profound magic of narrative that binds us all.


EndlessPens’ Fountain Pen Stories

Beyond the material, our fountain pen community has always been nurtured by stories — personal experiences with our writing instruments, helpful advice and reviews, as well as moments spent together that make our shared journey more meaningful. So from our little community here, allow us to share our own stories about our beloved fountain pens


@gabbitries – I don’t have a favorite fountain pen, to be honest, but for the sake of choosing — it’s the Pelikan Smoky Quartz (M200, I think?) and Sailor’s Shikiori Meigetsu. I was introduced to fountain pens during the early days of the pandemic — a time when I also started my “regular” journaling. Having a fountain pen (paired with a nice ink – my favorite is Maruzen’s Athena Ink) really motivated me to write and/or doodle everyday. Thanks to that, I was able to build a routine that helped me to declutter my brain, entertain my inner thoughts, and explore my creativity.


Pelikan M200 Classic Marbled-Brown – A more affordable counterpart to Pelikan's flagship Souveran line of gold-nibbed fountain pens, this Classic M200 in marbled brown features the same great classic design, exceptional build quality, and high-capacity piston filling system as the Souveran M400 with a smooth and juicy steel nib. Like the M400, the M200 is slim and lightweight—perfect for those with smaller hands but equally comfortable for those with larger hands when the cap is posted on the back of the pen.

This pen features a stunning brown marble finish that glimmers with an enthralling pearlescent sheen. A transparent amber window near the grip section lets you see how much ink is in the pen. The design is complemented by gold-colored trim and a stainless steel nib engraved with the Pelikan logo.


@heygabimara – My favorite fountain pen is still the Pilot Petit1 in apple green. It's been with me for 10 years. I didn't even realize it's a fountain pen when my friend gifted it to me. But because of it and the Hobonichi planner I had, by 2020 I fell in love with fountain pens even more.


@jane_euphoria – My favorite fountain pen is the one I've sold. A Platinum 3776 Bourgogne with a Coarse nib. It's helped me in my journey to building a better life for myself because I want to buy the exact same model. With that yearning, I want to work hard and earn money to buy it again. It helped me persevere and develop grit, so do my "Favorite Grails to Chase" — a Pilot Custom Heritage in Double Broad nib and a Pelikan Souverän in Broad Gold nib.


Platinum #3776 Century – Innovative spin on traditional design…The "Flagship Model #3776 Century" solves the major concern of all fountain pens, which is its dryness. The product has been evaluated and re-innovated over the years to solve its dry nib and it can be used despite leaving it in the back of your drawer for years due to its new mechanism "The Slip Seal Lid". The ink smoothly flows from the pen onto the paper creating the perfect touch and its form is specifically designed to be comfortably used by all writers.The pen features an AS resin body and cap with complimentary trims. It is equipped with a 14K Gold nib and uses a cartridge/converter filling mechanism, and comes in an elegant gift box.


Pelikan M600 Souverän – The Pelikan Souveran series represents the highest quality in writing instrument manufacture using only the best materials available. All fountain pens feature Pelikan's unique differential piston filling system to ensure a large ink capacity with a visible indication of ink level via the translucent barrel (or portion of the barrel in the case of all black or dark blue pens). Hand-crafted, with high quality control and a commitment to traditional values have made the Souveran writing instruments one of the most popular pens of all time. Smaller than the 800 and larger than the 400, the 600 size is ideal for both men and women. The sleek elegance of the diamond-processed sleeve together with precise technology guarantee everlasting beauty.


@lekzumali – My special favorite is the Pilot CH 912 with FA nib. It holds a unique place in my collection for being my first grail pen, and it took me a while to finally acquire it as a fountain pen newbie. I've always sought a pen that could be used for my creative pursuits, and it fit the bill to a T. It also challenged me — by encouraging a more nuanced hand when it comes to using a pen.


@micahfinds – My Pilot Custom Heritage 912 with Posting nib, which I sent to Bokumondoh to be “urushified”. She has been my always-inked and always in rotation pen since 2022. My designated pen for writing in my grimoire and a treasured companion in my practice. This pen has witnessed my shadow days, evolutions, and introspections. A grounding presence during explorations of my inner world.


@poetryjunkies – My favorite fountain pen is my Pilot CH 912 with FA nib. I met lots of friends through this pen. It is also a great demonstration piece to show the way it flexes and produces beautifully written words.


Pilot Custom Heritage 912 – The Custom Heritage 912 comes with an elegant styling and a great writing experience with a unique 14-karat gold rhodium-plated nib. This pen is refillable for continued use with a cartridge or a Pilot CON-70 converter. All Pilot Custom Heritage 912 nibs are interchangeable and offer a broad array of nib options designed to suit any writing style. The Custom Heritage 912 collection features an array of 14-karat gold rhodium-plated nibs to choose from. No matter what nib you choose, the Custom Heritage 912 Fountain Pen by Pilot elevates the experience of writing to give the ultimate in personalization of expression in all your creative writing endeavors.


@ramonimacaroni – My favorite fountain pen is my first ever gold-nibbed pen: the Sailor ProGear Slim in Purple Cosmos. It helped me in my life journey by teaching me that there was still beauty to be found despite going through darker times (I purchased this pen while I was grieving the end of a relationship that mattered to me). It will forever be the bright spot in my collection of fountain pens and a reminder that there's always a light in the dark.


Sailor Pro Gear Slim Shikiori Amaoto Kirisame – "Amaoto", the Sound of Rain…The repeating seasons are a series of moments. People have been singing of the changing seasons for over a thousand years. Sailor presents the seasons of Japan, in the form of these colorful, nature-themed writing tools to enrich your daily life. Though the color we see is the same, each person can imagine their own scenery. Find your season. Shikiori "Amaoto", the stationery series of the four seasons woven by Japanese nature.

Plants that sprout in spring, grow thick in summer, continue in autumn, and sleep in winter. The rain that hits the greenery and makes a beautiful sound. Water droplets glow and rain blurs the field of vision. The appearance of the greenery gradually changes throughout the season, underlying the scenes of rain. The names of rain that change with the seasons.


@pensandturquoisebrown – The pen closest to my heart is my Nakaya Standard Shu. This pen's arrival last year coincided with my father's death. It was a bittersweet moment after a year of waiting. Happiness has been elusive, suffice to say, it remained uninked till a month ago. Nowadays, when I feel despondent I turn to my journal with this pen. I purge in writing my grief and then I try to find that elusive delight one feels when they receive their grail pen. Both are still a work in progress.


@twenty_sides - My StyloArt Sugi-Kinranmoku. This was my very first purchase from the Manila Pen Show. This has been my grail for so long, and things just aligned when we found their booth. With some gentle prodding from my wife @micahfinds, I finally bought it. I have been using it almost everyday since.

We tell ourselves stories in order to live.
― Joan Didion

Happy National Tell A Story Day!



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Written by @lekzumali
Check out her musings on Instagram!

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