The Art of Mindful Relaxation

The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity.
— Walt Whitman

Priceless Simplicity

National Simplicity Day is celebrated annually on July 12th, and honors the birthday and teachings of Henry David Thoreau, a champion of simple living. Thoreau, born in 1817, is best known for his book Walden, which advocates for a minimalist lifestyle and a close connection to nature. His philosophy emphasizes that true fulfillment comes from stripping away the nonessential to focus on what genuinely matters.


Thoreau's call to simplify, simplify is more relevant today than ever. Modern life is often overwhelmed by information overload, consumerism, and digital distractions. National Simplicity Day serves as a reminder to pause and reassess our priorities. It encourages us to disconnect from technology, declutter our physical and mental spaces, and engage in activities that promote mindfulness and presence.


On this day, many people choose to unplug from their devices, spend time outdoors, meditate, or journal. These practices help reduce stress and foster a deeper connection with oneself and the environment. By embracing simplicity, we can lead more intentional lives, focusing on our passions and relationships rather than being weighed down by unnecessary obligations and material possessions.


The benefits of a simpler lifestyle are manifold. It can lead to financial savings, reduced stress, and a smaller environmental footprint. Moreover, it fosters gratitude and contentment by helping us appreciate the beauty in everyday moments and the things we often take for granted.


In essence, National Simplicity Day is not just about honoring Thoreau’s legacy but about adopting a mindset that values intentionality and purpose. It’s an invitation to find joy in the essentials and to live a life aligned with our core values. By simplifying our lives, we can uncover deeper fulfillment and harmony with the world around us.


Sublime Simplicity of Pen in Hand

Writing and calligraphy, ancient arts of expression, offer profound simplicity and therapeutic benefits in our fast-paced, digital world. The act of putting pen to paper, whether through everyday writing or the artistic strokes of calligraphy, reconnects us with a slower, more intentional rhythm of life.


Writing by hand, in its essence, is a straightforward practice that requires minimal tools: pen, paper, and thoughts. This simplicity strips away distractions, allowing the writer to focus purely on the act of creation. The process of handwriting engages multiple brain regions, enhancing cognitive function and improving memory. The tactile sensation of pen on paper fosters a deeper connection with our words and thoughts, making writing a meditative and grounding experience.


Calligraphy, the art of beautiful writing, elevates this practice to an even more mindful level. Each deliberate stroke in calligraphy demands concentration and precision, turning writing into a form of active meditation. The repetitive, rhythmic motions can be calming, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Calligraphy also instills a sense of accomplishment as the practitioner sees their skills and creations improve over time.


Both writing and calligraphy offer therapeutic benefits. They provide an outlet for self-expression, allowing individuals to articulate emotions and thoughts that might otherwise remain unspoken. This form of expression can be cathartic, helping to process and release pent-up feelings. Moreover, the focused nature of these activities can help alleviate anxiety and improve mental well-being by drawing attention away from worries and towards the present moment.


In an era dominated by screens and rapid information exchange, the simplicity of writing and calligraphy offers a much-needed respite. These practices encourage us to slow down, engage deeply with our inner selves, and find solace in the beauty of the written word. By embracing writing and calligraphy, we can cultivate mindfulness, creativity, and tranquility in our daily lives.


EndlessPens Recommends : Simple Stalwart Companions

To celebrate National Simplicity Day, we have a selection of fountain pens and calligraphy pens for fostering relaxation and stress relief in simple yet effective ways —


Kaweco Calligraphy Set Mint - The timeless model of the Sport series made of high-quality plastic with a calligraphy pen. The fountain pen is only 10.5 cm in size when closed and can therefore be carried with you without any problems. When the cap is repositioned, it grows to a normal size of 13 cm. The large set offers a fountain pen, four line widths (1.1 mm, 1.5 mm, 1.9 mm and 2.3 mm), 3 protective caps for the interchangeable inserts and 2 packs of original Kaweco ink cartridges in pearl black.


Sailor 1911 Calligraphy Fude De Mannen - Sailor 1911 Fude De Mannen fountain pen is a with a unique gold-plated stainless steel nib angled as 55 degrees. This angle allows the pen to create a variety of brush line strokes making it possible to create brush-like art and calligraphy. The 1911 Fude De Mannen uses the body of the Profit which makes it easy to write and easy to grip than a brush.


LAMY Joy Strawberry - The LAMY Safari Fountain Pen - Joy - Strawberry is the calligraphy fountain pen that actually encourages creative writing. Easy to hold due to distinctive recessed grips. Calligraphy fountain pen in strawberry red with strawberry red clip. Equipped with a 1.1, 1.5 or 1.9 calligraphy nib.


Pilot Prera Calligraphy Medium - Pilot Prera is a fountain pen with a clean and straightforward design that writes beautifully. Measuring in at 4.7 inches (12 cm) capped and 5.3 inches (13.4 cm) with the cap removed and posted to the back of the pen, it is an impressively comfortable length whether you are writing a quick note in your planner or sitting down to write a long journal entry or letter.


Rhodia Calligraphy - Simili Japan is a smooth, lustrous ivory 60 lb paper made from pure alpha cellulose. It is manufactured with long fibers which make it highly resistant and perfect for India ink drawings. It is transparent and therefore also lends itself well to calligraphy using a scaled grid. Vegan friendly.


Tomoe River Paper Pad - a favorite among those who love to write and are particular about the quality, is renowned for being incredibly thin and for its velvety smooth Texture that performs amazingly well with fountain pens and ink pens. This particular "Tomoe River fp" paper pad is the highest in quality of all Tomoe River paper and other top brand paper available, specially designed for fountain pen users. This premium, artist-grade plain Japanese paper is manufactured and treated for the perfect surface level for fountain pens to glide across smoothly and elegantly leaving you with exceptionally crisp lines.


Opus 88 Koloro Demo - Introducing the Opus 88 Limited Edition Koloro Demo, a sophisticated new offering for 2024. Presenting two extraordinary, vivacious hues--the subdued beauty of blush pink and the lush grandeur of vibrant emerald.


Pilot Custom Heritage 912 - he Custom Heritage 912 comes with an elegant styling and a great writing experience with a unique 14-karat gold rhodium-plated nib. This pen is refillable for continued use with a cartridge or a Pilot CON-70 converter. All Pilot Custom Heritage 912 nibs are interchangeable and offer a broad array of nib options designed to suit any writing style. The Custom Heritage 912 Collection features an array of 14-karat gold rhodium-plated nibs.


Sailor 1911 Light - The 1911 Light series offers a variety of 7 character widths at budget-friendly prices. Experience the luxury of using your first gold nib fountain pen with its highly elastic 14-karat gold nib that allows for effortless line width adjustments. The Shining Red/Blue pens feature a transparent barrel with sparkling glass particles for a touch of elegance.

The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity.
— Douglas Horton

Happy National Simplicity Day!




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