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It’s the season of giving! With Christmas coming in a few days, everyone is rushing to find the perfect and unique gift for their friends and loved ones. You may even be looking for a special present to reward yourself with. What else is a better gift than our special selections here at EndlessPens.


Christmas Gift Ideas at EndlessPens

Shop online and skip the crazy line of holiday shoppers in malls and special gift stores. Go straight to EndlessPens and look for the best item that would make your special someone grin from ear to ear. You’ll never go wrong with our wide range of timeless, quality, and crowd-favorite pens. See our recommendations this season.


Opus 88 Demonstrator Fountain Pen

Coming from its name, “Opus” it is a unique piece of Japanese-style eyedropper fountain pen. The brand “Opus 88” can be seen engraved on the bottom of the clear resin screw cap with sleek stainless clip.

Opus 88 Demonstrator Fountain Pen

The mechanism is ebonite piston operated with a shut-off valve. Fill the barrel of this pen with ink through its eyedropper and re-attach. Write fluidly and test ink flow by opening the valve. Open by unscrewing the piston knob at the rear of the barrel and shut off ink flow as easily by turning it back. The rubber gasket helps seal the feed to reduce the risk of leakage and ink burps. It has a stainless-steel nib that is available in different nib sizes that includes, EF, F, M, B and the 1.5mm stub.


Choose from fun and modern shades of clear white, red, grey, orange, and white with pink, yellow, ad blue sprinkles of color. The clear body allows you to see the ink level, so you know when to refill easily.


Pelikan M405 Souverän Silver-White Fountain Pen

This is a 2020 Special Edition pen that is the extension of Pelican’s Souveran M405 collection. Its body is semi translucent and is made with Pelikan’s key to fame, its patented differential piston filling system. This mechanism allowed for more ink to be stored making it easy to use and convenient for someone who often travels and needs to sign papers or even someone who writes for pleasure.

Pelikan M405 Souverän Silver-White Fountain Pen

The striped barrel of this fountain pen is made of cellulose acetate. Moreover, another important component of this fountain pen is its rhodium-plated 14k Gold nib, giving it the elegance and sophistication complementing the classic beauty of its bright cold silver and white color body.


It is the most exceptional among the classic Souveran series. Overall, the combination of these components has seamless harmony.


Pelikan P200 Classic Fountain Pen

The P, in the P200 Classic model, stands for “Patrone” , which is the German word for ink cartridge. This design has the combination of modern and classic elements.

Pelikan P200 Classic Fountain Pen

Packed inside an attractive gift box you would see the famous classical fountain pen design with a cartridge ink filling mechanism. The body of this fountain pen is coated with high quality acrylic black resin, accentuated with gold toned beak clip and decorative rings. The complete finish is distinctive to the Pelikan brand and the essence of conventional fountain pens.


The nib is equally special as it is made of handcrafted 24K gold-plated high-quality stainless steel. It is available in several sizes and covered by a screw cap.


This valuable collector’s item would give anyone who’s using this fountain pen the feeling of elegance and ultimate sense of style. See its timeless beauty that will make you fall in love at first sight.


LAMY 2000 Black Makrolon Fountain Pen

Packed in a neat gift box, you’ll see a timeless classic. The Black Makrolon fountain pen is lightweight and sturdy as it is made of fiberglass. The snap cap has a stainless-steel clip and the body is brushed with stainless steel accents. It flawlessly writes with its piston-filling mechanism and rhodium-plated 14k gold nib.

LAMY 2000 Black Makrolon Fountain Pen

The modern and unified design of this iconic Lamy pen allows you to write smoothly and flawlessly as it pulls in ink with ease as each stroke glides onto paper.


LAMY 2000 Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

Like the other 2000 model, this stainless-steel version of the popular Lamy pen has a sleek and modern look perfect for any professional or academic.

LAMY 2000 Stainless Steel Fountain Pen

This modern classic design has been popular since the 1960s and is currently just as, if not even more, popular. The body has a matte finish and it has a platinum coated 14K gold nib.


Get this timeless piece neatly packed in a gift box looking handsome.


Aurora Optima Caleidoscopio Luce Verde Fountain Pen - Limited Edition (2021)

Aside from the 860 pieces of this limited edition available worldwide, Aurora is famed for their hand polished Auroloide that this fountain pen makes truly a collectible. It is an antique celluloid material that is made of blended pigments. Packed in an elegant lacquered box with black interior to highlight the brightness of the pen.

Aurora Optima Caleidoscopio Luce Verde Fountain Pen - Limited Edition (2021)

In particular, the Aurora Optima Caleidoscopio Luce Verde is a combination of green blended with flecks of light blue. These fresh marbled colors communicate a sense of safety and balance that adds to the appeal of this fountain pen.


It has a piston filling mechanism that has a hidden ink reservoir for extra ink storage. Meanwhile, the screw cap has black lacquered rings on the band that covers the rhodium-treated 18k solid gold nib with chrome trims.


This limited-edition Aurora fountain pen is also available in Luce Blu and Luce Gialla.



Shop Online for Fountain Pens this Christmas

Don’t miss these noteworthy fountain pens curated by EndlessPens. For more Christmas gift ideas, you can also read this article by Lekz.



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