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EndlessPens Says Thank You

EndlessPens as an online pen store has sought to bridge the gap between fine writing instruments and the people who would like to have them in their lives. They believe that everyone should experience owning at least one good pen or two. Thus, they constantly strive to offer prime pen products at good prices, as well as provide a superlative online shopping experience.


This November, EndlessPens is commemorating its inception by sharing the joy and collaborating with One Simple Wish. This organization provides a platform for charitable individuals or groups to reach out and help children who are part of the foster care system.  Each year, nearly 500,000 children are affected by trauma, neglect, and abuse, and are brought into the nation’s foster care system. This change can have quite an impact on them. With One Simple Wish’s wish-granting network, people and organizations who would like to offer some comfort to these children are given the opportunities to do so in many ways. When their wishes come true, they are given the chance to experience new things, find their passion, and develop enriching connections. Continued support for this charitable community also helps fuel the expansion of its social service network across the country.


Therefore, as a gesture of appreciation for all the love they have received, EndlessPens has chosen to channel this gratitude by donating to the Scholarship Fund of One Simple Wish for 2022.

Scholarship fund of One Simple Wish Foundation

This new program started just this year aims to provide resources for people who seek to fulfill their higher education goals, at any stage in their journey. One Simple Wish aims to improve the statistics showing that only less than 3% of individuals from the foster care system move on to attain a college degree. It has therefore become part of their commitment to ensure that financial difficulties and traumatic life experiences do not become insurmountable obstacles to achieving a person’s educational goals.


Let’s Honor EndlessPens


In just three days after the Instagram post, EndlessPens has achieved the donation target for One Simple Wish’s Scholarship Fund for 2022. We are all grateful for the support of this kind-hearted community of enthusiasts. With your participation, EndlessPens can help change a person’s life for the better. Thank you very much!

A thank-you email from One Simple WishThanks to you, from EndlessPensOne Simple Wish donation: USD$1000


This week, to help spread the word of this charitable endeavor, EndlessPens is holding an anniversary event on Instagram. For every LIKE on their dedicated post, EndlessPens will donate $1 to One Simple Wish’s Scholarship Fund for 2022. If the post reaches 1000 likes, that $1000 will be matched with the same amount, doubling the total donation to $2000. An alternative would be to follow EndlessPens on Instagram, helping them reach that 10K followers milestone. Either way, it helps acknowledge the efforts to help out and inspires others to keep on doing good works. Let’s fuel that beneficent cycle of gratitude and kindness with these simple acts.

Monetary donations

How Giving Helps the Giver

An act of altruism goes both ways. It not only helps out the recipient, but benefits the giver as well. It positively influences a person’s mental and physical health. In the long run, these multiple, ripple effects of humanitarianism strengthen a whole community by enriching each of its members’ lives, whether as givers or receivers.


Here are some of the gifts we receive in exchange for our generosity:


#1 — Giving is good for our health.

Numerous studies have shown how acts of charity and volunteerism have improved physical well-being, even among the sick and elderly. Lower blood pressure levels have been observed among those who have offered social support to others. One study concerning teenagers who had participated in giving aid regularly has shown a decrease in certain markers linked to cardiovascular health such as BMI, cholesterol levels, and inflammation. Researchers have also made connections to lower mortality rates in a five-year period among the elderly who volunteer periodically. One aspect of this is functional health, which usually deteriorates as we age. The physical act of regular volunteering can help maintain mobility and strength among older adults.

Giving is good for our health

#2 — Giving helps build up our communities.

Providing comfort and relief for others encourages cooperation and establishes meaningful connections that make us stronger together. When we give to others, our generosity comes back to us by creating or deepening our ties to each other. These ties change the way we perceive other people, and with each act of kindness, we become more understanding and even more charitable. Acts of kindness also inspire other people to behave likewise, creating ripple effects. The hormone oxytocin is a physiologic marker of this effect, enhancing our capacity to nurture and care for one another. These together promote a beneficial reciprocity that is reinforced by social connections and positive interdependence.

Donations from the community

#3 — Giving makes us happier.

Have you heard of the “helper’s high”? It is caused by dopamine, a neurotransmitter responsible for that warm glow of pleasure that we feel when we’ve helped someone else. It lights up our brains with the positive sensations of trust and connectedness. Teenagers who’ve participated in relief programs showed a boost in their self-esteem. Some studies have also noted a link between a decrease in the symptoms of depression and acts of generosity and volunteerism. Others report fewer cognitive problems among those who volunteer habitually, suggesting the possibility of helping prevent dementia. Acts of altruism open up our hearts to gratitude as well, no matter where we stand. Cultivating that sense of thankfulness for what we have that we can share, or for what we have received through the kindness of others, encourages a sense of well-being that echoes out and touches other people.

A happy volunteer

Seen this way, giving to others truly comes back to you a hundredfold. It may not be as you’ve expected or in a form that you’ll recognize, yet kindness is a cycle that truly energizes itself.

What goes around comes around



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