Pen Gifting 101: Tips On Choosing A Pen

February is classically the month celebrating love. Ever since Valentine’s Day became a traditional event, people have been exchanging tokens in various shapes and forms, all with the purpose of expressing how they feel. Within the fountain pen community, I think one of the best care packages we can give one another is a new pen.

Given how deep and labyrinthine the rabbit hole can be, we have compiled a few guiding questions to help you make the choice for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift:

What pens do they currently have?
- Do they have a penchant for collecting the same model in various colours? Or does their collection consist of unique and varied pieces?
- Does their collection follow a particular theme or aesthetic?
- Do they prefer any pen brands?
- What nib materials do they favour, steel or gold? What nib size do they most often use?

Is there a pen they’ve been considering, but have been hesitant to get?
- Perhaps they’d like to experiment, and need just a little nudge. Maybe it would be good to sponsor the risk, and give the pen as a gift?
- Would they like a pen that is within their wheelhouse, or are they open to discovery?

For those you’d love to penable (the more, the merrier!), what kind of things do they like?
- Would they appreciate understated, functional pens that are made for everyday-carry?
- Or are they drawn to more eye-catching designs that mirror their particular style?
- Would they use their first pen mainly as a tool to road-test, or as a commemorative object?

For initiating someone into the wonderful world of fountain pens, it is best to take their personality and preferences well into account. This would make those first steps most enjoyable, and would keep them coming back for more.

These are just some helpful points to ponder when choosing your perfect gift for that special someone. It is such a joy to give and receive a pen as a present that has been considered with care.



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Written by @lekzumali
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